The Green movement seems to be on the rise with smartphones lately (remember the Motorola Citrus?) - Sprint announced today that it has teamed up with Samsung to do their part in helping out too. The first eco-friendly Android phone to hit its network will be the Samsung Replenish, made of 34.6% recycled plastic, sporting an energy efficient charger, and packaging made from 80% recycled material marked with soy ink.

It's a candybar style phone, with a 2.8 inch screen and a full keyboard, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 2MP camera, a 2GB SD card, runs Android 2.2 and is powered by a 600MHz processor. It is by no means a speed demon, but when you consider all of the good things that went into making this little green machine, it's almost worth the tradeoff if you're environmentally conscious (or a hippy).


Continuing in the spirit of green, Sprint has also added a new Sprint ID Pack called the "Green ID Pack", which is a gaggle of apps to help you live a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Replenish will be available on May 8th for the low price of $50 with a new two-year service agreement. To add a little bit of sugar to the deal, Sprint has also decided to drop the $10 monthly data charge, which will also save you green of the other kind.

Source: Sprint

Cameron Summerson
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  • Alan

    A 2MB SD Card!!!!

    That's a bit small isn't it, I think you mean 2GB!!!

    • Cameron Summerson

      Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed!