If there's one thing that most rooted users love to do, it's flash their devices. While ROM Manager has always made flashing new ROMs particularly easy, what about new kernels? ROM Manager does support kernel flashing, but it's pretty basic compared to the app's other features. That's all about to change though, because XDA member Shinzul along with TeamWin have been working on a ROM Manager-esque app for kernels, appropriately named Universal Kernel Manager.

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The idea is simple: Kernel developers will submit their kernels to TeamWin, where they will be uploaded to a centralized location and readily available to download via Universal Kernel Manager. You can then look through the list of kernels (each with a brief description so you know what you're flashing), download the kernel, and flash it all from within the app. It will automatically format the cache partition, as well as the Dalvik cache.

Users will also be able to rate kernel stability, which will not only prevent other users from flashing buggy kernels, but also help developers to make their kernels more stable.

UKM is primarily being developed on the EVO 4G with support for other devices in the works - though we have no idea what devices fall into the "other" category right now. It's not quite ready for download just yet, as the devs are working on getting kernel developer support in order to populate the app, so keep your eye on the source thread for the latest info on the project.

Update: It's now live on the market, and a YouTube video has been uploaded. Check it out!

Source: XDA

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

    I cannot wait to get this, an easy way to run with new kernels and a rating system. - Perfection!

  • Dave

    Not a fan of rom manager or kernel manager. Can't we just do it the normal way? I feel like I have more control if I do everything in recovery.

    I also do not like the rating system. Just because a kernel, let's say with HAVS, doesn't work on your evo, it may work perfectly on mine. Same with BFS vs CFS.

    just my worthless .02

    • Cameron Summerson

      Neither ROM Manager nor Kernel Manager prohibit you from flashing the "old fashioned" way. I actually prefer to flash via recovery as well, for the same exact reason that you stated - control.

      However, I like having options, and I also recognize the fact that recovery scares a lot of people. I have rooted many phones, and as far as I know, none of those users have ever booted into recovery. There's an intimidation factor there, and apps like ROM Manager and Kernel Manager take that away.

  • Jason

    Cameron - perfect point. My phone was one-click rooted (Evo4G) - and I did a nand backup. That's it.

    The whole notion of flashing roms, kernels, screwing up my radio keys, etc - is far too intimidating - and that's still after a month's worth of lurking XDA.

  • Mike

    I have been flashing roms and radios since the early days if the G1, but I have never flashed a kernel, mostly because I have no idea what the hell a kernel is or does. Someone care to give some background info?

    • ub0rh4xxxxx

      no, ur not 1337 enuff, n00b

      • Mike

        I felt like a noob asking, but I thought I was in a noob-safe zone here at AP. Kernels never really came up in the G1 days, and I've never had a need to flash one on my G2, but that may partly be because I wasn't sure what it did.

    • Paul

      The kernel is the linux kernel, it's the core of the operating system. It's responsible for features, like file systems and such, it also can have memory tweaks, it handles voltage to the cpu, cpu overclocking support, and has drivers integrated into it. Different kernels, even with the same ROM, can give you different results as far as battery life, performance, cpu overclocking, filesystem support (some filesystems have benefits over others, like one may be optimized for a bunch of small files while another is very good at large files or one tends to write very fast while another tends to read very fast), etc. It's system level stuff and usually the kernel the ROM developer includes is the best to go with IMHO. However, I'm running CM7 and I was fine with the kernel he included but decided to try pershoot's kernel because a forum poster said he'd found the best battery life and performance for his G2 using a pershoot kernel. I installed it via ROM Manager and haven't had any problems but I haven't really noticed any 'improvements' either.

      • Mike

        That is the single best explanation I have been able to find anywhere. Thank you!

    • L G

      I thought that was a great question!!!. Probably because I'm a noob. I've been reading about the kernals and really had no idea what it does until now. Thanks.

  • Laythor

    No kernel's for the OG droid... now we play the waiting game