Are you sitting down? Assuming you're reading this on your PC, I would imagine that you are. Unless, of course, you have a standing desk, in which case I urge you to sit down. We've seen it pop up on the web but haven't really heard anything about its price. This time, however, it looks like it made an in-store appearance at Walmart and brought a price tag along with it. Are you ready for this? $298.88 with a two-year agreement. No, that's not a typo.


Releasing a phone that's already somewhat behind the curve at this price is just ridiculous. Why do I say it's behind the curve? That 1GHz processor - it's single, not dual, core. It comes packaged with a measly 2GB SD Card. It reportedly only has 512MB RAM, which is average (at best) by todays standards. Not to mention the fact that, given Samsung's track record, it will probably be many months (if ever) before it even sees a Gingerbread update.

I'm not suggesting it's a bad phone by any means, I'm merely saying that it's not anywhere near worthy of a $300 price tag when the HTC Thunderbolt has beefier specs and costs $50 less ($150 less if you get it through Wirefly). Let's just hope that this falls into the "rumor" category and it's something more realistic once it's finally released. Of course, there is the off chance that it's plated in gold, right?

Source: Droid Life

Cameron Summerson
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  • Krad

    my favorite is that there is no price difference between a 1 year contract or no contract.

    Down with Samsung!

  • sick

    Who's stupid idea was it to start announcing price tags by the monthly fee you're paying? The phone costs 700 dollars, not 200. Stop posting misleading shit.

  • Jon

    Yeah, $300, and it came out today. Didn't you see it on all the websites. They all posted pictures saying that the phone was coming out today. Pictures on the internet don't lie.
    I call B.S. on this picture because the price for the 1 year contract and no contract is the same. Even the TB has a price difference between 1 year contract and no contract.

  • jamezelle

    yea right! fuuuuuuuuuck that

  • htc wins

    Samsung Droid Charge needs to be renamed to Samsung Droid "Watch your wallet"

  • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

    *Applauds* another fine Android product

  • Marijan Mikolić

    Looks like a good price to me.
    Don't know what the fuss is about, a simple Desire is 1000$ (no contract) here and in many countries, and compared to that, a 700$ 4G 4.3inch phone sounds very good.

  • Vin Carrillo

    Just curious since I build and repair desktop and laptop computers and the architecture of smartphones might be significantly different; when an ad reads, "2 GB Memory (microSD up to 32GB)" is this RAM meaning whoever typed the ad is technologically inept or does it really mean "up to" 32GB of "RAM?" And if so why the reference to "microSD?" I was trained 'memory' is RAM and 'storage' refers to the hard disk drive or in the case of smartphones the SD card or internal storage.

    I saw something similar in a Verizon TV ad a few days ago where the actor is proclaiming the Droid "comes with up to 32 gigabytes of memory!" AKA RAM and I thought WOW, smartphones are evolving faster than desktop computers!

    • Cameron Summerson

      I couldn't agree with you more. This is exactly the reason that a lot of PC users are so ignorant when it comes to upgrades.

    • Bill Blade

      because the lay-person thinks of memory as space, not RAM, so all their doing is dumbing it down for the non tech-adepts.

      to answer your question, it's talking about storage space, I'd be pretty irate if a phone got to 32gb of memory before my computer :p