We first showed you HTC's 3.0 version of Sense UI earlier this week, and the next logical question from a lot of people was "when am I getting this?" Well, one man went straight to HTC via Twitter with that same question in mind and the response he got back was not exactly what anyone had hoped to hear: never.


Before you get too upset, a little clarification is in order. Initially, it was thought that only the devices mentioned in the above Tweet would end up with the new UI, leaving behind the newly released Thunderbolt, Inspire, and the yet-to-arrive Incredible 2. Once the news started hitting the blogosphere this morning, though, HTC was quick to send out a Tweet to clear up (some of) the confusion:

Tweet 2

Of course, that is all the information that has been given, so we're still not really sure what devices will be affected, or what aspects of the new Sense may end up making its way to older hardware.

Source: Twitter 1, 2 via Droid Life

Cameron Summerson
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  • Edd

    In XDA we trust! (to get this on my HD2 :))

  • sansenoy

    I have yet to see any HTC device get any newer version of Sense, such as my Desire... How hard can it be, Sense 2.1 should be an easy port for every phone launched in 2010.

  • http://stuarthalliday.com Stuart Halliday

    A company can only fool their customers so many times.

    If my HTC Desire HD doesn't get Android v2.3 by the end of the year then they can be sure I'll never buy another HTC device again. Plus they can be sure I'll be telling my customers and friends as well.

    Manufacturers may have a policy of dropping firmware support ASAP in the past to save money.

    But Android is different. We know how relatively easy it is to upgrade if amateurs can do it.

    Snartphones should come with a written guarantee of a length of support for firmware upgrades. So the consumers know where we stand.

    This should start with reviewers *asking* the manufacturers on their upgrade policy for the consumers (not for the phone network providers!) during the initial review of new products.
    This seedy side of the Android phone market needs to be brought into the open.

    I wonder which reviewer web site will be first?

    • Ben

      The article is regarding HTC Sense, not Android.
      Desire HD has been officially confirmed to get the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) update in Q2 so you should expect it to have rolled out before summer is over.
      Whether the update will include the newest version of HTC Sense remains unsure.

      I have a Desire Z and am eagerly awaiting my Gingerbread update as well. Using Launcher Pro I'm not too concerned about HTC Sense but I will be happy if I get the new Sense lockscreen. If not I'll still be happy with my phone running Gingerbread :)

  • http://Xda Nikki

    I have an HTC EVO. And I recently put sense 3.0 on it myself! Love it too... Don't even want to use a Launcher from market. Why wait when you can just do it yourself. :)