On their earnings call today, Google revealed some impressive stats about Android, courtesy of Jeff Huber, Senior VP of Commerce and Local. There were three notable facts, in particular: there have been over 3 billion Android apps installed, downloads of Android apps are up 50% in the last quarter, and 350,000 Android devices are being activated per day. Whoa, whoa, and whoa.

Given that we've heard about the massive number of activations before, perhaps the most impressive numbers are those about apps. As TechCrunch so eloquently puts it: "The first billion installs took 20 months, the second billion installs took another 5 months, and the third billion took only 2 months." Given that downloads jumped a ridiculous 50% in the past three months, it the next 3 billion will likely happen in no time at all. Even more impressively, I'd guess those numbers are installs via the official market, and don't factor in unofficial markets such as Amazon's Appstore.

[Source: TechCrunch]

Aaron Gingrich
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    Just remember to choose:

    Nothing: I hate Apple

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    This is just the beginning - with Apple coming with a "new" but the same iPhone every 12 months - more and more people will move to Android.

    • wpfn

      I wonder when they'll actually get a clue and put a micro SD card slot on one of their "new" devices...lol

      • Troculus

        Nerver really carred about the SD card, the internal memory is enough, what kills apple products for me is the bluetooth police and the no sideload police

        • wpfn

          huh? iPhone has had bluetooth and you can jailbreak the device and load different apps...(neither is as good as android, just sayin)

  • http://stuarthalliday.com Stuart Halliday

    How many uninstalled the same day? ;)

    Most Android apps are truely awful and amateurish.

    • wpfn

      For every "truely awful and amateurish" android app, I can assure there is an equivalent apple solution, if not 2!