Verizon's doing about as well keeping the Charge under wraps as Sprint did with the EVO Shift 4G - and now, the Samsung DROID has shown up on Walmart's online wireless store, albeit only in the form of a stock photo:


For a phone that's still unannounced (technically), and reportedly being released tomorrow, Verizon doesn't seem too concerned with generating fanfare for its second LTE device.

After the release date flip-flopping on the Thunderbolt, it wouldn't surprise in the least if the Charge was facing a [sort of expected] minor delay.


David Ruddock
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  • Jake

    Yeah I'm calling BS on this and chalking it up as a great job in photoshop. I've asked the original poster (pocketnow.com) to provide a link to the product on walmart's site and still haven't heard anything, and I've done extensive searching on the site to no avail.

    Until I'm able to pull it up on my browser I'll call this a fake.

    • Jake

      I was actually able to find the product page... there are no actual links, but if you enter the right product id in the link it comes up... as posted on on phandroid.com...