While Google Maps already made headlines today for omitting the changelog in the latest update, causing hundreds of 1-star comments, it does have a reason to celebrate, which overshadows this snafu by a long shot. The 50,000,000 installation mark, never before achieved by any app in the Market, has been reached, and by none other than Google Maps, making it the most downloaded Android application ever.

It's no surprise - the absolute brilliance of the Maps team helped create a product which wows first-time users, single-handedly lures them over to Android, and keeps innovating time and time again. Who needs a standalone GPS device when you've got Google Maps? I know I don't - my Android device unified at least 3 devices into 1 for me.

Congratulations to the Android and Maps teams on this important milestone!


via reddit, thanks TwoComments

Artem Russakovskii
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  • http://twitter.com/benmarvin Ben Marvin

    I swear I've downloaded it at least 100 times after all the times I've flashed new ROMs. Does each one count or is that 50 million users?

    • Kane

      Says 50 million installs, so I think it's not unique users. But add all the instances of when Google Maps is pre-installed, and it'll help the number of re-installs even out a bit with the total number of users.

  • FA1SGL

    Why no changelog warrants a one star snarky comment is beyond me. Do you use app? Do you like it? Will you continue to use it? Will knowing an esoteric snippet change that? It works very well. Go with it.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Trying to make sense of comments on the Internet is fruitless.

      • http://andyhall.org Andy

        One of the best snippets of knowledge you can ever have.

    • Jon Garrett

      Question: why is Google maps for iphone better than Google maps for Android?

      that's a bit of info that would be useful in a change log.

      Google maps for iphone lets you tap to see a panoramic of the area whereas Google maps for Android does not.

      that's very odd considering its Google's product.

  • PhineasJW

    The negative comments/ratings on the maps update keep Google honest, and that's important. And it worked. Google updated the app with a changelog.

    It's actually a very good thing that people are paying attention to changelogs and permission requests.

    Having said that, almost without argument Google Maps is the single greatest mobile application in history. Apple likes to market "magic" as if by talking about it people will think they invented it. Google Maps, on the other hand, waves a wand every time it launches. It's astounding what they've accomplished.

  • Raks

    I would be even more happy if google introduced some sort of maps download facility and offline mode for people like me who cannot have a data connection all the time. Similar to what ovi maps does.

    Also i have no clue why google navigation is not available in all countries (I live in India). Surely there is a workaround but why is it not a out of box functionality for all of the world. I fail to understand that.

    • Ben

      Second that! I live in Norway where there is also no Google maps navigation.
      You could try brut's version and see if it works for you.


      It worked very well on my previous phone, HTC Legend. Unfortunately, my current Desire Z for some reason won't let me install it, so I'm stuck with no Google navigation at the moment.

      • lavdzoj

        Same problem here, living in Europe and no latest versions here, including Google navigation.

    • Mesmorino

      If you have a newer htc phone, they've got an app called Locations that lets you download maps to your sd card, complete with points of interest.

      And off the top of my head, i'd say Google navigation is not available in all countries because a)complete maps aren't available for all countries, and b)route planning software hasn't been developed and tested (at least by Google).

      Navigation is completely useless without complete maps, what good is navigation that only works in one part of the country?

  • Tee

    Since it is a native app for Android phones, where's the beef?

    It often asks for update, but at least I seldom bother...

    • Mesmorino

      Exactly! it's a NATIVE APP FOR ANDROID PHONES! It was even a native app on my old Samsung Tocco!

  • lavdzoj

    Yes I have a HTC myself and the Locations' navigation works flawlessly, both the free and premium versions, both the text and voice navigation. Google maps' navigation is available as well but not the voice navigation although our territory (Croatia) is 100% covered in detail, together with POIs etc. The same thing, I imagine, goes for Norway, among others. In short - the maps coverage is not the issue, nor is the text navigation, only the voice guidance is not available, which is unfortunate for car users. Fortunately the HTC provided Locations which does work, and my carrier provided another premium navigation app free of charge on top of these.