AT&T has kind of introduced two new LG Android powered smartphones into its lineup, set to appear on April 17th - the LG Thrive and LG Phoenix. I say "kind of" because, well, they're the same phone. The Thrive is a prepaid variant, while the Phoenix is a contract-only device.


Left: Thrive; Right: Phoenix

They're not really anything to brag about, but here are the specs:

  • 600MHz processor
  • 3.2 Inch screen
  • 160MB of user memory, 2GB SD card
  • 3.2MP Camera
  • Android 2.2

I guess it's not too bad when you consider the off contract price of $180 for the Thrive (okay, yes it is. I was trying to be optimistic), but the Phoenix will set you back $50 with a two year agreement, which isn’t that great considering you can get the Motorola Atrix 4g for $100 under the same circumstances.

To go along with the arrival of the Thrive, AT&T has also updated its prepaid data plan. You can now get 100MB for $15 (previously $20), 10MB for $5 (as opposed to 1MB for $5), and the new addition to the group - 500MB for $25.

Source: AT&T via Engadget

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

    Why? Why even release them. I see nothing here that is enticing in any form with whats out on the current market (and these haven't been released yet.)

    Also.. 500mb for $25, That wouldn't last most users more than a week.

  • jim

    you might as well go with the LG Optimus V, u pay less and get unlimited text and data. Optimus V and thrive are practically the same phones

    • kodiak211

      yea they got the same specs down to the cam. its got a $150.0 price tag on it. the phone runs smoothly for what its packing. the only problem i have is with virgin mobiles texting!!!!!! but that ant the phone. but for any one that dont want a contract i recommended it!!! $25 for 300 minutes unlimited txt, web, dat, $40 for 1200 minutes unlimited txt, web, dat, $60 for unlimited everything.

  • Bateluer

    The Optimus One variants aren't that bad after you remove the LG UI and install LP/ADW. They aren't on the same level as a TB, Dx, Dinc, etc, but they're a decent low end smart phone.

    AT&T's pricing isn't very attractive though, when compared to Cricket, Virgin, Boost, etc.

    • kodiak211

      Will this is AT&T your talking about. They been hanging out with Steve Jobs for to long. They both dictate everything. the only difference is Steve knows how to put a good product out. but at a price....lol

  • someguy

    This is FANTASTIC news for people like me who are on GoPhone plans because we hardly ever use our phone (I spend $100 per *year* on my GoPhone service) but who want a full-featured smartphone available for those few times we need solid mobile web access. $180 for the phone is nothing compared to what I'll save by not having to pay $55/month for voice+data plans for years.

    It makes the recent release of the HTC Freestyle feature phone (BreMP OS) for $300 for GoPhone service seem kind of silly.

    • dave

      That's why I got the Thrive. For one, ATT and Verizon is the only service available in my area. Second, I'm usually around Wifi and I don't use hardly any minutes at all. What I really needed was the ability to use data when I wasn't around Wifi. With my usage I figure it will cost me less than $20/mo. I do all my texting using Google Voice so I don't even need an SMS plan.

      I usually end up paying way more for cell phone plans than I actually use. This is great news for me because I don't have to have a monthly plan at all...just pay for the data I use and pay 10 cents a minute for the few minutes I actually talk on the phone.

  • Don A in Pennsyltucky

    Y'alls seem to think that everyone is a 21st century descendant of Captain Crunch whose life revolves around their phone. The wireless providers continue to find new ways to separate people from their brass by creating bandwidth hogging toys that cater to that crowd. At the same time, they reduce the choices of more basic devices.

    The LG Thrive/Phoenix are entry level devices for people who don't want to be married to wireless phones but do have uses for some applications (like GPS ). If it gets people to sign up for data plans then it's doing what AT&T intends it to do and by living at the sparser end of the feature spectrum, it holds the entry fee down.

  • dannyd

    Im switching to at&t for an discounted employee plan and im thinking of getting the thrive and putting it on contract ..then when i get a lil more money ill buy a better phone. I just need something i can start using now to get oon the cheap at&t plan

  • charlie

    I bought this phone last week. I am a software engineer
    who works from home and cannot justify a monthly plan for the few times I use data/phone. This phone/plan are exactly what I had been looking for. I can also do some hobby app building on this phone. So far I haven't even used 5mb off of a wireless network.

  • C

    Um, there's the unlimited everything plan for 50$ a month..