The Asus EEE Pad Transformer has yet to hit US soil and it has only been out in the UK for a short amount of time, but thanks to a collaborative effort from Android hackers @PauOBrien and @BumbleDroid, it's already been rooted. The method is still very rough around the edges right now, and it's not ready for prime time use just yet - for example, there is no backup method (such as Nandroid) - but that should be coming down the pike soon.


This is great news for those looking to pick this little bad boy up once it's released in the US since a more stable method of gaining root (and possibly custom ROMs) will most likely be available by then.

Source: Twitter 1, 2

Cameron Summerson
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  • Kr0n

    Its awesome how quick these devices become rooted. Gotta love the Android community

  • http://www.boundlesstechnical.com/ Christina

    Sweet! Looking forward to hearing more about this!

  • Rickyprose

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