Well, well, well, look at what we've got here - it's none other than the elusive Skype for the HTC Thunderbolt! If you remember, Skype was supposed to be pre-installed on the Thunderbolt but didn't actually make it onto the final product. We also told you that Skype Mobile for Android with video was coming to all VZW LTE devices back in January, and it looks like we're finally getting what was promised. I don't have a Thunderbolt myself, but from what I've heard from our own Justin Case, it works flawlessly on 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, all with superb video quality.

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The file is a typical .apk, so it will work for both rooted and non-rooted devices. So, hop on over to our direct download mirror (or scan the QR code below), grab the file, install it, and video chat the day away.

Note: Yes, I am chatting with Iron Man in the above pictures.

QR code for http://lts.cr/YAV

Source: @0mie via Droid-Life

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.twitter.com/0mie 0mie

    Please post my links also...

    • JO JO

      NO LONGER WORKS after verizon phone update please update software to work with new phone update!

      • EidoloZ

        Same thing happened to me too. I did the Verizon firmware update to my Thunderbolt and now Skype does not work.

      • Mzadriann

        Ikr! I'm so pissed! Now what?

  • brett6781

    I may just take the .apk and crack it for all FFCamera phones and tabs...

    • Al

      Please do, I tried for EVO and no dice :(

    • N

      Please do! Using the samsung epic and it's just not fair

      • brett6781

        That'd be why... Epic 4G FTW!

    • John A

      Yes, Please do!! My QIK doesn't work with gingerbread, and Tango has been giving me problems lately!!

  • Zack

    Wooot works like a charm thanks guys! Glad I get to delete tango

    • Kel

      Agreed^^ now I can actually talk to people who use skype (which is everyone I know).

  • Dale

    This is cool and all, but I was under the impression that it would be integrated into the phone app and address book. Am I missing something?

    • #TeamThunderbolt

      Stfu & B happy U got it!

  • Shareez

    tried on a Nexus S... no luck

  • BigMann

    Video works great....audio, not so much.

  • me

    didn't work between two Thunderbolts

  • http://about.me/GrantGarrison Grant Garrison


  • JoshL

    Works really well. Thunderbolt FTW!

  • Artem

    Works great on both of my Thunderbolts Thank you!!!

  • J. Berts

    Crack this sh*t for the EVO--- thanks

  • Zain

    Will it work on Desire HD??

  • Adeel

    Samsung Galaxy S i9000

  • http://www.boundlesstechnical.com/ Christina

    Very nice. Wish it would have come earlier, but at least it is here now.

  • Kevmo636

    Works great!! THNX!!
    Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt works awesome.

  • Rick

    doesnt work on my thunderbolt. error after error and crash after crash. ill give them time to work out the bugs before i judge though...

  • beoll

    can someone explain to me step-by-step how to do this?

    • Cameron Summerson

      You need to make sure that you have "Allow Unknown Sources" checked in the Settings > Applications menu. After that, just download and tap to install.

  • tkessy

    Me too. How do I find the download

    • Cameron Summerson

      There is a direct download link close to the bottom of the article.

  • MossySF

    Refuses to install on Archos 70

  • SpaceDog

    Won't install on MyTouch 4G

  • RJI1969

    Yeeeeah Boy!!!!! The main reason that I got the TB in the first place, although I am totally happy I got it. Thanks so much works like a charm on the TB!!

    Thanks again

  • sags149

    Very good application though it has many bugs-
    1. No vertical support (have to hold the phone in landscape position )
    2. Cannot chat or use phone while video calling or the video shuts down.
    3. Video quality is very poor (240p) should be increased to 480p or 720p in the back camera as speed is not an issue.
    4. Battery Usage is extreme and very slow app.

  • rais

    WoW! you mean the leaked app that's still in development doesn't work 100 % yet?! I may write a letter...

  • blake

    Is the security flaw fixed?

  • floyd

    Installed app on 5/7. Used it. Worked perfectly. Uninstalled it to see if I could replicate download. When I go to install TB says I have no room and need to make space.

  • George

    How do you turn off the app on the Thunderbolt?

  • Mat

    ok so I'm new to this android stuff but familiar with iOs... I'm hoping to get a Galaxy S2 when they come out but skype is one of my top priorities and the more I read the more it seems like they don't yet have a good version of skype that video chats on androids yet ... am I right ?

  • Rob

    works awesome on my TB. I had to sign out of the "supplied" skype for it to work

  • tom

    How do you get the video feed for the person you are talking to?

  • roger

    Just down loaded this for my thunderbolt and it worked like a champ front and rear cameras work with flawless video on 3G with two bars ...can't wait to try it connecting to a pc user very happy with it thanks guys

  • Evan

    The audio is amazing but I can't get the cameras to work during calls on my Thunderbolt. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Jana

    Same here, Audio is great, but can't get video to work. Any suggestions?

  • Dawn

    Works like a charm for me!! Thanks guys!! A good alternative to Skype, for those of you without, is Fring. This app can also be downloaded to your Windows computer. I have not checked to see if if works on Mac. + its FREE.

  • Leo Smith

    Bought a new TB today. Downloaded the app and it works great. Thanks.

  • Mike Brooks

    i had been using the app since april works awesome.
    two questions though....
    1- how come there is a little dim led lit about a quarter inch from the notification led only when the skype is on? (and its not the notification led i checked. you can see it in a dark room. i email HTC about it and they said it wasnt a function on their phone and should be checked out immediately)
    2- now after the update verizon just gave us on 7/8/11 it doesnt work anymore.
    can you guy fix it to work on the new firmware? it was awesome and now im gonna miss it.

    • Oleg

      Yep! Same here, doesn't work with new firmware update.

  • cj

    New update killed it !!!!
    Someone fix it PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • chad

    Yes please fix 7-8-11 VZW firmware update killed my Skype. So frustrating! Plus new firmware seems to have solved one problem and created 3 others! Thanks Verizon.!!.

  • riad

    New firmware update killed my Skype. I uninstalled then installed and still does not work. Please let me know what I can do to fix this. Thank you.

  • riad

    Latest update killed my Skype too. The message I get Sorry, your phone is not able to use this version of Skype. Please help me fix this. Thank you.

  • Chris

    7/23/2011: I just downloaded this version of Skype and my phone says that is is not able to use this version of Skype. Is this related to the new updates that came out for the phone? If so, do you know if there will be a fix for it?

    • riad

      Yes, this is related to the Verizon firmware update. I can not believe that they would actually kill an application that so many users use.

  • DAK
  • richard

    I have tried to install this several times today and it is not supported on my thunderbolt for video chat. Any fixes?

  • riad

    Anyone knows if there is a fix?

  • Natelaina

    Verizon auto update phones with new software..now this no longer works for Thndrblt. Please help us with a new update..normally I dont have bad things to say about Verizon but they suck a$$ for this update & bullchyting us to begin with that phn would have this feature :-(

  • riad

    I installed oovoo from the market place and it works like a charm. Forget Skype.

    • Mike Brooks

      Thank YOU, works great.

  • Mike Brooks

    I just found OOVOO in the market and it works great on my Thunderbolt. Just in case any of you are tired of waiting for a verizon update/fix. you can also load it on your PC/Mac unlike Tango.

  • riad

    Skype just released a new version of Skype that works on HTC thunderbolt. The disadvantage is that it does not support the front camera video chatting.

    • DAK

      Hello, "No front camera" means it still does not work.

      • riad

        I know. Skype is playing with us. We are not stupid, oovoo and forget Skype.

        • dak

          Maybe it is not verizon, but the owner of Skype, Microsoft playing games with the google user base and verizon...? Does it work on the MS based phone? still the fact that it used to work well on my Thunderbolt is proof that someone is playing games with us for marketing reasons.

  • riad

    Skype needs to fix this camera issue.

  • burt

    Grrrr. Why can't skype work with the androids with only back cameras!!!

    • DAK

      HTC was professional enough to reply to my query as follows:

      I understand the version of Skype you were using stopped working with the latest software update. I know how important it is to have the best media chat support and I will be happy to assist. The version of Skype you were using was likely a leaked pre-release version that wasn't tested with the latest MR. I don't think Verizon or HTC would have broken it on purpose, however, as that would be a fair bit of work for no tangible benefit.

      I can advise you that Verizon has told us they are committed to bringing video chat to the Thunderbolt only after a smooth user experience is guaranteed. For the version of Skype that was being developed for the Thunderbolt we must refer you to Verizon for more information; however, we are updating our newer devices such as the Thunderbolt to Android 2.3 as quickly as we can complete testing and my understanding is that the version of Skype you are using from the Market will support the front facing camera after the 2.3 update.

      To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number 11USCWxxxxxxxxxxxx.




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  • riad

    Blah blah blah.

  • JWadman

    Well after postponing my Thunderbolt update for weeks, I foolishly allowed the update to process. I now get “Sorry, your phone is not able to use this version of Skype. To find out more about Skype on mobile, visit http://www.skype.com.” The version available on Verizon "Market Place" doesn't allow you to use the forward facing camera. I live in a Microsoft world I should have known the system update would screw something up because that is the expected standard. JW

  • Glenn

    So I think most know, but there is a new version of Skype on the Android Market place that actually works with the Thunderbotl (kind of). You can use all the functions of it and actually make video calls. However, this version requires Android 2.3 to use the front facing camera (WTF!!!). So until the 2.3 version of Android is released for the Thunderbolt we don't really have video calling on a phone that has been out for a very long time with a front facing camera.

    Give a "W" to Apple and a "L" for Android.

  • riad

    Again oovoo rocks. Forget Skype they don't deserve us being their customers. If they cared they would have fixed this already for the thunderbolt community.

  • riad

    Has anyone heard anything about a fix to Skype for the thunderbolt?

    • Mike Brooks

      yeah,The fix is called Ginerbread.... after putting 2.3 on the TB it just works..

      • riad

        where and how do I install gingerbread 2.3? looking for instructions.

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  • hodan

    Latthem start