CyanogenMod, or simply CM, is hands down the largest and the most widely used Android custom ROM family on the planet, with support for 30 devices, both tablets and phones, from hundreds of developers all over the world. Over the past 4 months, these developers have been sweating day and night upgrading CM6's Froyo codebase to Gingerbread, and today CM7 is finally fully baked.

Most CM 7.0 mirrors are already up (with the rest going up shortly), so if you are anxious to try out the version for your device, head over to the CyanogenMod Stable Downloads page and download away.

Don't forget to pick up the CM7 Google Apps package (gapps), which is available here. The gapps package contains Google apps, such as the Market, Gmail, and Maps, and needs to be installed after CM itself due to licensing issues.

The general changelog for CM7 can be found here, but it includes only the largest and most important features and doesn't mention hundreds of smaller bugs that were fixed.

While I'm skipping individual download links, as those are subject to quick changes, I do want to include one thing on this page - the credits to device maintainers. Without these guys, your device may have not seen a CM build at all, so from the bottom of our collective hearts - THANK YOU:

  • Nexus One: Cyanogen
  • Nexus S: Koush
  • Droid: cvpcs, mtwebster, Koush
  • Dream/Sapphire: Sileht, Wes Garner, Cyanogen
  • Hero: Lox (GSM), Darchstar (CDMA)
  • Desire (GSM/CDMA): Kali-, Defer
  • Incredible: jistone, slayher, Koush
  • Supersonic (EVO): Cyanogen, toastcfh
  • Espresso (Slide): Cyanogen, Wes Garner
  • Liberty (Aria): attn1, jznomoney
  • Legend: Alexander Hofbauer
  • Vision (G2/Desire Z): Cyanogen
  • Geeksphone ONE: arcee
  • Geeksphone ZERO: arcee
  • Z71 (Boston, G1305, XT502, A60, Blaze, others): arcee
  • Wildfire: Jacob Crawley, Arne Coucheron
  • NVidia Harmony: bekit
  • Ace (Desire HD): Kali-
  • Glacier (MT4G): Zinx, Kmobs
  • Click (Tattoo): KalimochoAz
  • Blade (San Francisco, Sapo A5, others): Tom Giordano and Jacob Crawley
  • Encore (Nook Color): dalingrin, cvpcs, nemith, cicada, fattire
  • Speedy: toastcfh

And if you're wondering what happens when CM releases go live, check out this traffic graph of one of CM's download servers (via @ChrisSoyars):


Source: CM 7 Released, CM 7 Download

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  • http://twitter.com/benmarvin Ben Marvin

    Hmm, old list? Since the Dream/Sapphire is still on there?

    • Uphor8

      That's the list from the Wiki where the changelog came from.

  • SpottedNigel

    Well, i WAS planning on sleeping tonight... CM7 here I come!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/2011/04/10/cyanogenmod-7-0-final-is-here-with-support-for-more-than-two-dozen-devices/ Kdhel

      right there with you buddy

  • http://goo-inside.me/ DrMacinyasha

    Don't forget the GApps when you flash CM7:

    Also, the proper download site now is http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?type=stable

  • Foo

    Anyone installed this on the Nook Color? Really keen to move on from stock unrooted...

    • Mightytalldude

      Works great on Nook Color! Check the threads and wiki for install methods and procedures.

      • Foo

        Thanks, is there a performance improvement when flashing to newer version? Loving the nook but a little boost to speed would be great.

        • Mightytalldude

          There is an OC built into the build, but if you have had nightlies previously, it hasn't changed from those that I'm aware of. The tablet tweaks are added to compensate for lack of touch keys on the Nook also. Enjoy!

  • http://@_eliasalberto Elias

    On the mirror list, I found no version for Captivate (nor any other galaxy s phone). I'm aware there were some people running CM7 on their Cappys while still on betas (as you can easily find on xda forum), so I'd like to know if anyone has any information (or guess) if we will be seeing a CM7 version for our beloved Cappys.

  • Josh H.

    I've tried about 20 or so Roms on my Evo and I always end up going back to CM.

  • John J

    I like the tablet status bar tweak they added.

  • Phil

    Love it but still having trouble getting the GPS working. I have done the MSL fix in the Sense ROM but still no success. Any suggestions??

  • vernon

    i am in south africa and have no idea how to tweak..could someone direct me to a link that will give a complete guide to flashing with minimum chances of bricking my precious desire...

    should i risk and flash or wait for htc to release the update? i mean , how different is 2.3 to 2.2? is it worth the update?

  • http://redjackriddick HTC MyTough 4g

    I can't see my status bar, have no way of picking up phone calls, and whenever I try to change settings they force close.

    I'm switching back to Iced Glacier in the morning when I have time to deal with this.

  • http://blog.liox.eu Shadowchaser

    Still no Defy:(

  • L boogie

    A definite thanx to all of you on the Cyanogen team for your hard work and dedication cuz without your efforts, me and my rooted incredible would not be enjoying the latest android flavor. Once again thanx now going to download the stable cm7

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/thegreenjacket rhY

    Where's the Dream/Sapphire version? I didn't find one on the site.... Or the original article is wrong.

    • RiDeLub

      Cyanogen dropped offical support for Dream/Sapphire as he was personally maintaining it and he isn't anymore.
      Search for "ezGingerbread" roms @ XDA for D/S CM7 flavor. They are still on alpha though.

  • masterpfa

    Great work Cyanogen and Team. I have been on the Nightly's from day one and tried out the RC's too but this was the one we all been waiting for.
    Installed and working, let the games begin

  • John A

    I've been using CM7 since RC1 and have been very happy with it, cant wait to see how the stable release works...
    Loving the gingerbread!


    Lets get the thunderbolt version going!

    • jacobk

      Lets get the thunderbolt version going!

  • djn777

    running awesome on my EVO!

  • DevilDogVIKING

    Support the epic please!

  • Brandon


  • Mark

    Installed CM7 on my Nook Color this afternoon. I Love it!!!

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/thegreenjacket rhY

    So the article is wrong. There is no Dream / Sapphire version. Check your facts Android Police!!!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      These are the credits that the CM page itself has listed - I only thanked them for their support. Never said it was the CM7 device list - just click through and see which devices are supported at any given time.

  • http://www.boundlesstechnical.com/ Christina

    I was about to ask if it was available on Thunderbolt yet. I say let's get it started!