Silicon Alley Insider - the Tech section of Business Insider - posted a survey this weekend under the headline "WHY WOULD ANYONE EVER BUY AN ANDROID PHONE? Take Our Smartphone Survey And Tell Us!" Eye-catching, to say the least. The survey is 12 questions, and asks what phone (OS) you use, what your next one will use, and so on... it's all fairly standard.

The results of the survey aren't immediately available, but the site promises to publish them in a few days. SAI is generally pretty (*ahem*) Apple-friendly, but then again, they do give Android the credit it's due, so who knows what the results will show.

In the meantime.... well, you know what to do.

Update: Looks like a pretty substantial percentage of people viewing this post follow the link to the survey. Awww yeaaahhh - represent!

[Source: SAI]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • rtp

    I had no idea how iCultish SAI was until I posted a pro Honeycomb point of view in one of the comment threads. Christ! It was as if I have posted on the Mac Observer. Just look at the loaded question they posted for that survey. They are a sad, sad excuse for journalism.

  • JayMonster

    Could they have made the question any more inflammatory? Now that Android is in such a dominant position, shouldn't it now be framed as "Why would anyone buy an iPhone? "

  • Chris

    Was this questionnaire written by Steve Jobs?

    • jim

      lol. sure sounded like it

  • Zepplin76

    I took it too. Did u notice there wasn't an "I want a WP7 phone what would make u buy an android?" Guess they know not many people want to go from WP7 to Android when if u want a WP7 you just customize your Android phone. Sorry to sound fanboi but I am who am and I'm not a fan of the other two choices.

  • Seth

    Still not sure what's so compelling about an iPhone. Ugly, unchangeable UI. Locked to the Apple ecosystem and iTunes. Terrible notification system. No choice in keyboard or browser. No Flash. No free Nav program. That's off the top of my head anyway. So I guess that's why I don't have an iPhone.

    • Jon Garrett

      I like my iphone 4 but I would love it if I could run Android on it.

      I hate apple as a company and Im totally dedicated to buying an Android tablet.

      as for the iphone, I just haven't found and Android phone that I like better than my i4.

      but the biggest reason I prefer my iphone over an Android phone (besides aesthetics) is the way Google maps work on the iphone as opposed to an Android phone.

      I cant figure out for the life of me, why Google maps is 10 times better on iOS than it is on Google.

      • John

        Weird. I've never seen better integration than with Google's maps/navigation on an Android device

        • Wrru

          I would have to agree, the integration is the best.

  • Danny

    Ugly = opinion
    UI = with a JB can be changed
    Ecosystem = alot more quality in apps
    iTunes = I agree it's horrible but it is needed
    Notification = prefer WebOS to Android
    Keyboard = awesome
    Browser = I agree could be a whole lot better
    Flash = for what?
    Gps = I agree but may not happen

    It's really about what one prefers. I have an EVO and an iPhone 4 and to be honest I just love my iPhone it's that simple. Even with it's short falls I still can't fall in love with Android.

    • Eric

      UI=barely changed with JB
      Ecosystem=I find more quality apps for what I do in android. I don't game much
      iTunes=Not necassary, but apple says it is.
      Notification=Whether you prefer webOS, that still doesn't stop android frombeing lightyears ahead of IOS here
      keyboard=sucks in my opinion
      Flash=I run into flash I want to view all the time. Not every site uses youtube

    • jim

      iOS is dumbed down for a certain type of people. it's prob why you like it so much, honestly

    • Jon Garrett

      UI = JB makes it better but also makes it buggy and unstable.
      Ecosystem = I prefer Quality over Quantity.
      iTunes = absolutely hate it. Drag and Drop is so much better
      Notification = totally sucks
      Keyboard = I dont see anything wrong with it.
      Browser = FAIL
      Flash = FAIL, apple really messed up here.
      GPS = eh, do I really need it? I live in NYC, lol.

      I like my iphone 4 but I would love it if I could install Android and dual boot !!

  • BiasMUCH

    Stock prices falling for Apple and you need to keep it up so you can make your ROI or something ? Dang this is what i hate about journalist tools, they are all in it for the money, no integrity at all. They can't even own up to their own bias.

    Iphones amount to rubbish, they have none of the features that I have on my Android.

    Having an updated kernel, working iptables, and vetted Source Code, I have COMPLETE control of my device. No application has access to the internet without my inherent permission and the only ones that are allowed to are open sourced, with the source code vetted and complied.

    Being one who involves himself in the financial markets, i take pleasure in knowing that my device is not tapped, bugged, exploited or sabotaged when dealing with sensitive information in anyway by corporate entity thugs, namely Apple. The simple fact is I do not trust anything that has access to my information and does not provide source code and a means to DIY. Not Apple's products nor Microsoft's. Google is no angel either, but the fact that i can build my own OS from scratch and have confidence in the device i use, will keep buying and using Android powered devices, as long as they are open source.

  • Dan

    My girlfiends is the same as above. She wants to turn it on and facebook until she is drooling on a coutch asleep. I think that the iPhone fills a market gap. They are not really for people who want a smart phone, or want/need to tweak. They dont want flexability or choice as that requires work to setup and research. Honestly I am a tweaker until I die but I think android phones should come preinstalled with more, preconfigured with everything for the mindless zelots and ex-apple users (one and the same?). Having said that - then they need the same level of customisation for the rest of us that actually want a smartphone (superphone? N1 =). The danger being that when carriers 'preinstall' all this stuff that I am talking about that its non-removable without root. And we all know that jailbroken iphoners make up a very small proportion of the market so we dont want to make them uncomfortable trying to root an android handset either. Make it do everything out of a box, make it easy to sync but give us all the options to customise and remove/change what we want. Really that is a change that needs to be put in from the outset by google. Hopefully they will get it right in ice-cream and we can finally put the last nail in the iphones coffin. The last solution I suppose is to follow HTC's idea and market these Android phones to the iPhone user (read Cha Cha) - look it can facebook really well and it can even look on the internet, plus you can change the battery when it gets low! Then they will all be sold, I mean really - what else does an iPhoner want from a handset?

  • Disinform

    The question that was really annoying was "what would make you buy an iPhone" without the "Nothing - I prefer Android" option.

    I don't hate Apple (I own an iMac), which was the only option I could choose, but wouldn't ever buy an iPhone.

  • L boogie

    Sad to believe that this was a survey/ serious question, I guess legions of happy android users has certain other OS'es second guessing their base..... The thought of having your phone YOUR way on an open sourced OS despite its flaws must be a crazy idea yet people still flock to it, not knocking those who invest in wp7, bbm, ios, symbian one has to go with what makes them happy but indulging a survey/ question such as this confirms android's presence in the mobile universe

  • js

    This is the 2nd time now I have seen someone write that WebOS notifications are better than Android. How so? I had a pre a year ago and couldn't stand it. Two or more notifications hijacked 25% of the screen and once you flicked them away, they were gone. I then switched to Android and it is way better for notifications. I can have many things pending for me to address, and they eat up minimal real estate but yet I have an awareness of all the different ones that are there.

  • MinhQP

    I used to love my iPhones until one day I bought my 1st Android phone (Milestone) and realised how tired I am after months and months of jailbreaking, troubleshooting then frustrating just so I can install the apps I like and to keep the system up to date. I am now so happy with my Desire. Android rules!

    • jim

      F yeah man :)

      *gives high five*

  • Androidess

    iOS was soo 2007, yawn.

    • jim


      They are behind in my book.

  • yellowxterra

    i gave my first iphone 3g to my wife.. and re-born in evo4 .. never looked back ..

  • vernon

    i love my desire...its perfect..my contract is up by end of the year but i feel i can still keep it for a third year...

  • Razor

    "if you want to buy an android phone, what would make you buy an iphone instead?"

    Where is the option "I would buy an iphone if it was better in every important way" ? I really would. it just has not happened yet.

    horribly biased survey.

  • http://n/a avar

    for me, first reason was it's not from apple and it wasn't iOS :D

  • http://andyhall.org Andy

    I can't say i'm too bothered about a survey on a website i haven't heard of til now. I'm very happy with my Desire HD, so that's me sorted.

  • Mark

    Who cares about Business Insider or what they talk about?? Don't give them attention by posting about them. This is exactly the response they were seeking. >.<

  • Alex

    That has to be the most iBiased survey i've ever seen.

  • N1 owner

    Considering that they can't even get the calling feature to work properly in Android 2.3.3 (yep look up the mic off bug), why would anyone ever consider buying another android phone?

  • Androidess

    Does anyone care to list the multiple issues with the iFoney since there's one bringing up a small feature, above (on 2.3. 3, no less...)

  • Androidess

    Should have said, Again, reiterate the numerous iFone shortcomings...

  • cooperaaaron

    My android phone wakes me up ... on time ... something the iPhones have had a issue or two with, I can't afford either if I can't wake up in time to get to work !!!

  • Andre

    Aaron: "Hey guys, let's send this linkbait some free traffic!"

    Mission accomplished.

    • JayMonster

      Sadly, with a publication like BI, while it certainly is (to some extent) Linkbait, you can't just ignore them like you could something like TUAW. This is a fairly large and reputable outfit... that is unfortunately, completely clueless.

  • http://www.orampoo.com kelvin.chen28

    oh that was too crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • lavdzoj

    Just done the survey and it seems ok. One might argue it sounds apple biased but I haven't noticed it myself.

    When speaking about iOS vs Android phones a thing that I find seldom compared are the features themselves, not the flaws or weaknesses. Basically I'm not using an iPhone because I don't like or need those features. Here are some examples:

    I've found iPhone's screen to be too small for me (I prefer 4-4.5" having a 4.3" one at the moment).
    iPhone's integration with Google's products and services is too weak for me.
    iPhone's integration with iTunes means little because most the music I listen to comes from streaming or cloud services, not to mention a near horrible PC application which I do, however, use for my desktop needs.
    iPhone games mean little because i don't play except on some rare waiting occasions, and even then it's mostly Klondike/Freecell.
    iPhone's good battery life means little since i have 2 extra batteries available and takes me about 5 second to swap.
    iPhone's "beautiful" UI looks clogged and childish (to me).
    iPhone's "intuitive" OS feels exactly the opposite (for me).
    Apple's "awesome" customer support means little because the same support in my country is nothing to write home about, the support for iPhones comes from the one carrier that sells them and on top they cost about $600 with a low-end 2 year unlimited data plan.

    In short, there is probably no chance I'd ever switch and quite frankly can't even imagine why I should. I can imagine that within a couple of years, if Android keeps gaining market share, many people will me puzzled why one would even consider switching.

  • http://www.boundlesstechnical.com/ Christina

    Just took the survey and I wondered if it's just me who felt like someone was trying to persuade me to consider an iPhone. It had that feel. I never liked Apple products. Plain and simple, and many aspects of Android really impress me. Enough said!