Notion Ink is one of the most controversial companies in recent Android history - it's gone through product delays, building up one of the most passionate communities around, followed by communication issues that you could write a suspenseful thriller about (I am fairly sure there is enough for a trilogy with twists at the end of every chapter), and some of the weirdest reasons for shipments delays we've ever seen.

So far, the only communication methods available were commenting on the official blog, where your thoughts were quickly drowned in a sea of others', and emailing customer support, which probably resulted in more frustration and rage than trying to have a meaningful conversation with a concrete wall (those walls just don't get it, do they?). Those who tried know what I am talking about - we've heard you loud and clear over the past few months.

As of today, to bring users and company reps closer together, Notion Ink opened up a public forum with sections ranging from news to Adam discussions, apps, wallpapers, and development.

One notable omission? A Bug Reports/Problems section. You may want to sneak that one in quietly, NI, because I have a feeling it'll get quite popular.

Head over to the forums, which Notion Ink called The Conclave by following this link.

Artem Russakovskii
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  • asd

    Cool, they're just as bad at customer support as Google is!

    • Paul

      True. Google with their 25k employees SUCKS at customer support. They don't support the end users and they barely support their developers. It's a crying shame. If HP was support they'd be moving at 150mph to get WebOS out there to multiple vendors/phones and they'd setup great support. The only product I'd even consider jumping ship from Android to is WebOS.

  • N Scofield

    I'm glad to see they have a their own forum now, but I have to be honest with you, I have contacted them several times about issues and they have responded quickly and taken care of whatever issue I had...from the camera not loading to shipping dates, etc. I have no complaint with them at all.

    What I seem to be having trouble with is posting this comment on your page! Took me several tries!

    • cosmic

      May I ask what their solutions to your problems were? If its anything like what most people have been receiving you were told to reflash your adam and try again. "The screen is blotchy" "Reflash your adam" "I can't get the camera to turn on" "Reflash your adam" "I want to return my adam" "Reflash your adam"(serious on all of them).

  • brad

    NotionInk. Androidpolice and all the skeptics about this company, its software and its hardware, have all been proven..... pretty close to being accurate and or true.

    This is dead/vaporware. You dont survive a disaster this thing has had, and recover.

    • Jason

      It's not Vaporware as I have one in my hands at this exact moment in time.


  • Jason

    I own a Pixel QI device. I have to agree with feeling underwhelmed. Eden was an experiment in the unnecessary.

    Honestly, the thing will probably be fine once it gets Honeycomb, but I am kind wishing I waited.

    The pixel Qi is still amazingly badass tho.

  • Jaden

    I can accept a start up campany make some reasonable mistakes. However, I will never agree and support any company to earn their money through misleading and lies. there are many customers ask for refunds due to NI's bad service and unsatisfying products, yet NI won't give them back their money even though those customers exactly follow the refund policy.

  • http://www.linuxdistroreview.com Bo

    Hahaha, you can't login without a facebook account? Are they serious?

  • Franky

    Having read AP for some time it does kind of puzzle me: is there some reason why you keep bashing NotionInk? I mean, this looks pretty strange to me. I have no intention to buy an adam, but.... I can't recall any of the tablets (or their publishers) having received this kind of (from what I know) undeserved bad publicity. Disturbing really, because apart from the coverage of the adam-project I found most entries here quite well-researched and impartial.

    • scomom

      Franky...I agree. I did buy an Adam, and with any new startup and new product, I expected issues. I mean, this year you had all sorts of experienced companies putting out products and then having issues...Apple, Dell, HP. So, why the NI bashing, I am puzzled.

      For my part, the only issue I haven't been able to hurdle yet is the lack of Honeycomb, which I expect to be resolved at some point. Yes, I rooted to EdenX, but Rohan, I'm sure, expected a lot of rooting to try out different ROMs. After all, that's the nature of Android. What itsn't the nature of Android is Google locking up Honeycomb! If it's temporary, I'll give them some slack. Otherwise, it smacks of Apple & Jobs.

      But, I also gave a lot of people advice of not buying the Adam for 1 reason: it would come with issues and if they were not tech-inclined, don't bother because they would just get frustrated. Most people I know want something that works perfect right out of the box and never want to have to even figure out what "root" and "flash the ROM" mean...and so, they didn't!

      But for me...I love it!

      • brad

        Well lets see. What did rohan deliver on his promises. Not much. When you advertise your product in the same line as apple or any of the big boys, and you dont deliver the same quality and execution, your going have a poor reputation.

        Rohan and his counterparts may of had good intentions, but it was poorly executed. And they will not recover from this. There are die hard fans, like some of you that have posted. And yes, there are geeks that like to have something to tinker with. But when you build a brand new company, your dependent on the general public to make the money and profit from, a public that can take it out of the box and use it.

        Geeks do not support the tech industry. If that were so, apple would just make the most unfinished IPAD they could. And so would Moto, etc etc.

        You cant blame anyone for talking negative or having a negative view on any company that promises so much and delivers so little.

        • N Scofield

          Apple did deliver the most unfinished iPad they could...no ports, no flash, no camera, etc.!

        • Franky

          That's exactly what I'm talking about: Obscure references to "unkept promises" and NotionInk "not delivering". But could you quote any specific promises, which were so out-of-line that such punishment was deserved? What they basically promised was a 10" tablet with customized android, tegra-doublecore-chip, pixel-qi-screen and a camera at a more than reasonable price. Where have they failed to deliver that? OK, there was a fair amount of trouble during the preorders. All in all, a lot of people had expected that actualy more adams would have been available. But again, from a startup you can't realisticly expect marketpresence and total availability around the world, let alone in preorder-state. Heck, preorders still started months before the Xoom (or anything comparable) became available at all!

          Also, about a year ago android-tablets were generally promised to be "much cheaper and much better" than the iPad. And how many of those that actually made these promises have lived up to them now? Still most android-tablets sadly are not comparable to the iPad (from a user-experience kind of view) or, if they are, prices are actually at least the same as the iPad (yes, that's a specific hint at the Xoom). And no other company got bashed this way.

  • Android boi

    Hahhahha NI has failed big time. Hahaha

    All you NI supporters eat it!

    Rohan you are a big big failure. Lot of your customers are filing CC fraud. I hope your reading this. You loser.

    People never trust a startup that promises to deliver the moon.

  • waitedandgaveup

    Not really...that website's down too. So much for 'connecting with its customers'

    Beyond a certain point the 'start-up so let's excuse its behavior' does not hold. It's not like some of the glaring issues - especially around shipping and expectation management - have not been repeatedly highlighted.