Like all good things Verizon, the HTC Incredible 2 didn't remain hidden from the public's eye for long; following the release of a leaked RUU and a Big Red roadmap confirming the device's impending launch, PocketNow got its paws on the following triad of press shots:

verizon-incredible-2 verizon-incredible-2-angle verizon-incredible-2-hero

From the looks of it, the Incredible 2 will be virtually identical to HTC's popular Incredible S, with the exception of a Verizon logo and the inclusion of a CDMA radio. In fact, Android Central reports that it'll sport the same 8MP camera, Android 2.2.1 firmware, and HTC Sense keyboard.

Also noteworthy is that, as shown by the eerie red robot eye, the Incredible 2 will most likely belong to Verizon's DROID family.

Unfortunately, there's no new intel regarding pricing and release info, so until we hear otherwise, we'll continue hoping and praying that the April 28th rumor proves to be true. And no, there's nary a confirmation of LTE - so keep your fingers crossed!

Sources: Pocketnow, Android Central

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • L boogie

    Compared to the first-gen Incredible, this model doesn't have that gotta have-it factor of the first one especially considering that upcoming phones are gonna blow it out of the water unless HTC resolves a lot of issues that plagued Incredible 1 then again, wishful thinking

    • Bart D.

      What are these plagued issues you speak of? I've had no issues with mine. But of course it was rooted and ROM'd before it was even activated on the network...

      • Stuart

        I was wondering the same thing, I havent had any issues with mine so far..

  • L boogie

    I was referring to bad battery life (common to a lot of android phones), & low on space issues when there's more than enough space to address the comments but that was before I rooted the phone and ran ROMs on it

    • mikeymop

      I never got that low on space problem. Is it really common? or a niche bug.

  • alex

    no puedo activar HTC droid incredible 2