Most users will probably look at this unusual boot animation tweak and wonder why in the world anyone would do this, but developers and Linux lovers will nostalgically giggle and cheer. Rather than having boring pre-recorded boot animations, why not see the actual boot messages fly by, akin to booting a Linux machine?

Chainfire, one of xda's moderators, cooked up a boot animation replacement called live dmesg boot ani that does just that - now instead of your carrier's logo, you can see all kinds of geeky boot goodness your device has been secretly spitting out all along. The program requires root (there is no doubt that it would be impossible without it) and is available in the Market for $2.83 Update: the author emailed in to let us know he knocked the price down to $1.99.

Have a look at the blurry demo and then hit up a sample of the data you will expect to see (it's an excerpt of the dmesg boot log from the Linux box that powers AP):


NET: Registered protocol family 17
Using IPI No-Shortcut mode
ACPI: (supports S0 S1 S4 S5)
Initalizing network drop monitor service
Freeing unused kernel memory: 232k freed
Write protecting the kernel read-only data: 403k
Time: acpi_pm clocksource has been installed.
input: AT Translated Set 2 keyboard as /class/input/input0
input: ImPS/2 Generic Wheel Mouse as /class/input/input1
ohci_hcd: 2005 April 22 USB 1.1 'Open' Host Controller (OHCI) Driver (PCI)
USB Universal Host Controller Interface driver v3.0
SCSI subsystem initialized
VMware PVSCSI driver - version
ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:03:00.0[A] -> GSI 18 (level, low) -> IRQ 51
pvscsi: using 64bit dma
PCI: Setting latency timer of device 0000:03:00.0 to 64
pvscsi: using MSI
scsi0 : VMware PVSCSI storage adapter rev 2, req/cmp/msg rings: 8/8/1 pages, cmd_per_lun=64
VMware PVSCSI rev 2 on bus:3 slot:0 func:0 host #0
  Vendor: VMware    Model: Virtual disk      Rev: 1.0
  Type:   Direct-Access                      ANSI SCSI revision: 02
SCSI device sda: 207848970 512-byte hdwr sectors (106419 MB)
sda: Write Protect is off
sda: Mode Sense: 03 00 00 00
sda: cache data unavailable
sda: assuming drive cache: write through
SCSI device sda: 207848970 512-byte hdwr sectors (106419 MB)
sda: Write Protect is off


Thanks, Jorrit

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  • http://www.cypher-sec.org thecolor

    cool and all, but I think I'll stick to the fake one since it scrolls by so fast it's virtually unrecognizable (that is, for $2.83)

    • John

      agreed. cool tho nonetheless

  • linuxboi

    cool, but not worth $3. The dev should make this free. I know it probably took a lot of work, but c'mon, something like this should be FOSS.

    • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

      Sweet, can you help me move for free this weekend? You don't mind paying for the flight out here, right?

      • linuxboi

        *sigh* everybody says things like that, but you can't make that argument. Most developers that I know do this on their own time and have other jobs. They program for fun because they enjoy it, not because they're looking to make a quick buck, but will take donations if people are willing to be generous since it is a lot of work. I'm not saying that everyone should work for free, but here the price is too high for the quality of the product. If you wanna overpay for everything go right ahead my friend.

        • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

          Oh noez, I made you sigh! You can still help me move on your own time, dude!

          It's only too high if he actually makes back whatever he deems his hourly rate to be. Just because it's a hobby doesn't mean you can't make a buck off of it. Since it only appeals to a small crowd of people, chances are pretty slim that he'll ever make back enough to cover his time invested, but since it likely is a hobby, he's probably OK with that. Still, it's nice to see a return on an investment.

        • linuxboi_cheapskate

          Does it matter if it's done in spare time or for your job? If you've put work and effort into something that your offering to other people I don't think it's too unreasonable to expect something in return.

          "I’m not saying that everyone should work for free, but here the price is too high for the quality of the product. If you wanna overpay for everything go right ahead my friend."

          You didn't say it should be cheaper, you said it should be free.

          People really need to stop expecting everything to be free. It's not your right to just get everything for nothing. If you don't think it's worth the money, don't get it.

        • mclad

          I don't get this "price too high" bull. Most software is 10x or 100x the price. The price is less than a crappy fast food meal and you get to keep it forever rather than having diarrhea 12 hours later.

  • BTIle

    Yeah, $3 for 5 seconds of rapidly scrolling text? No thanks.

  • Rob

    Charging $3 for this does seem a bit strange, but since people have wanted something like this for ages the developer probably realised that he could make some decent money from it.

    • http://www.cypher-sec.org thecolor

      likely, 'sept there is a fake one (with a DELL logo at the top) that's free.

      I added an old PC boot up "beep whir" to it (for free)... so, it feels more retro and has the boot copy for nothing... (all that was was multiple images like most animated boot screens in a directory); if you've ever exampled one before loading it to your device. :D

  • Khoval

    Just bought it, and google only charged me $1.99. I consider it a donation to those at who turn the gears at XDA in general, with a neat little status icon to boot (no pun intended :-p)

  • TriadX1

    If I was the dev I'd put it up for $3.00, catch the people who HAVE to have it today, then in about two weeks drop it to $.99 and catch the other cheaper geeks, then about 90 days out (once everyone is tired of it) drop it to a free app and accept donations.

    • Eric

      Except once you price it at $3, that's what everyone sees, and very few will notice a price drop unless it gets published. For most people, the first price they see is also the last price they see.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Ironically, the author actually dropped the price to $1.99.

  • michael

    the bright green copyright notice kinda spoils the effect.

  • the Goat

    The screenshot shows a super annoying copyright marking displayed during the boot.

    That is a deal breaker.

    Plus the price is too high at ~$2. Should be $0.50 or free.