I don't think that these guys ever sleep! Yesterday we told you about GO Score and now we're back with yet another app from the GO Dev Team: GO Keyboard. Already touted as the "best and most popular keyboard in the Android Market", the numbers speak for themselves - it has a stellar 0 star rating out of a massive 6 downloads!

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Seriously, though, it incorporates the most common features of other Android keyboards, like skinning, "accurate dictionaries", autocorrect, text prediction in multiple languages, and more. Currently supported languages are English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and  Portuguese but, with the current version only at 0.0.6, something tells me there will be a lot more languages and features to come. You can grab it for free in the Android Market but, after doing so, make sure you let us know what you think about it.

Get it here!:

Thanks @spg76!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://www.Noodle.mx/?utm_source=androidpolice.com&utm_medium=Blog_comment&utm_campaign=Comments Daniel J. Lewis

    Show me an app that doesn't claim to be the "best and most-popular."

    • Skubacb

      I have the Galaxy S3. Kept getting the wrong letters. Kept getting horrible suggestions and the keyboard just flat interfered with me putting in the text. Tried the Go keyboard and all this is resolved. Good suggestions. Does not interfere. Layouts are much better and can be modified with a touch depending on what you are inputing.

      Who ever said that it does not add more than themes never installed or looked at it. I even paid them. Yes, they do make money. Quite a bit for an Android app but it was well worth it for me.

      I believe the older comments were not either on a more modern phone or not on the lasted version of the app. Don't normally post on this stuff but the comments were way off on this app.

  • http://www.Noodle.mx/?utm_source=androidpolice.com&utm_medium=Blog_comment&utm_campaign=Comments Daniel J. Lewis

    I just installed and tried it. It seems like just a skinned Gingerbread keyboard. It's accuracy wasn't as good as SwiftKey. The contact-syncing sounds cool, but I didn't see any options for it and tried, without success, to have it automatically recognize a contact.

    It also oddly places a new "En" (for English) status icon in the top notification bar. Odd.

    I like most of Go Dev Team's stuff, but this was underwhelming. However, I'll try it again as it's developed.

    In the meantime, I'll probably continue to stick with Swype.

    [HTC Thunderbolt]

  • Duffin

    It's alright, but doesn't seem to provide anything the stock Gingerbread keyboard does other than themes. Unfortunately, it doesn't do one thing I've come to rely upon: being able to hold down the Numbers key and touch numbers, then go right back to letters once you stop pressing the Numbers key. Doing that on the GO keyboard brings up the settings menu.

  • Álmos

    Are they aiming to release a GO ROM? Or a complete GO phone?

    • Duffin

      It certainly does look that way, doesn't it? I am starting to become a little bit concerned about what they get out of this. So far, I don't think I've seen them charge for any of their apps and I don't recall any ads, so...what are they getting out of this?

      • jim

        Been wondering the same thing...

      • Dave

        yea it does come of as a little odd when developers basically work for free. no ads no charge for their apps, so how do they make any money? and what country are these guys based out of?

        • Duffin

          I believe they're based out of China. If you look at their website, there's an option to switch to Chinese and at the bottom, their copyright says "Copyright © 2011 3G.cn All Rights Reserved"

        • Yas

          It's really Apple, and they are getting everyone to install their "GO Team" programs before they hit the "destroy" button - leaving all Android devices useless, and taking over the world with the latest iPhone.

          Quite genius really

      • http://bit.ly/theoblog Daniel

        What they "get out of it" is generally targeted at the Chinese audience where they have other for-profit ventures.

  • Matt

    Alot of their apps look like things already out. Go SMS is a lot like Handcent, This keyboard looks like HTC IME, im skeptical about how much they work they actually do or what their agenda is.

  • http://bit.ly/theoblog Daniel

    I like their stuff. Unless someone comes out with some legitimate concern over something found hidden in their programs, I'm not going to distrust it just because it is free or Chinese. I trust them just as much as I do the ROM chiefs that I've never met either.
    That being said, I like the keyboard. It is a nice mixture of features and a great first release. While I miss some of the buttons and features of some of the others (like SwiftKey), my big fat fingers like the big keys and I ultimately have less corrections and fewer overall keystrokes.

  • http://bit.ly/theoblog Daniel

    For all we know, the GO Dev Team *are* getting paid and getting revenue from other sources. Maybe they use their free apps as publicity for apps they write for pay for other people. If someone knows Chinese and can read http://www.3g.cn, it would probably provide a lot of information about who is behind the GO Dev Team.

    • Duffin

      I can't read Chinese, but this is what Google Translate got form their website's "Company Info" page:

      It is the most understanding of mobile phone.
      It is the most imaginative, it is the most creative, its respect for freedom.
      It pioneered the mobile Internet in China
      China launched its most developed mobile Internet software and application services.
      It is a platform into development strategies, to build the most valuable mobile Internet platform.
      It profoundly affected the development of hundreds of millions of mobile phone and change the way users communicate and living habits.

      So...it looks like they design phone software. Which would make sense, but I can't find a specific reference as to why GO's products are, seemingly, free.

  • alan

    I'm fluent in chinese and from their website it appears these apps under the brand Go is just one of many brands under their corporation. They seem to be heavily involved in internet search engine, online news content, e-book and online social media medium which is twitter like.

  • Bateluer

    Virtual keyboards are highly subjective. I just tried using the Go KB on my new TB and didn't really like it. The space bar didn't seem to register my presses, led to some odd strings. And it seem to not want to turn off the special characters predictive/shortcut bar either.

    • bird

      ^^ Same. Sticking with Better keyboard for now

  • http://stuarthalliday.com Stuart Halliday

    Best keyboard is 'Smart keyboard Pro' IMHO. Swift keeps screwing up on me.

    • Eric

      same here!
      but only when I type in english.. I need pt-br aggh!!
      the devs told me looooooong time ago that they were thinking about it.. it should be hard to add a dictionary :(

  • http://selurus.com Selurus

    Did anyone find the Enter Key on this keyboard? Also I miss the press and slide feature to enter punctuations like on the Gingerbread keyboard.

  • S3nd41

    I just want a keyboard that doesn't lag. Is this the one?

  • Nona

    I can't get past the tutorial to find out if their claims are true. Been trying different ways including downloading astro and 4share, to no avail. Can anyone help me?
    If not, this app isn't worth the time to download.