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Featured App

Today’s roundup is sponsored by XIMAD and their game Brain Cube HD Premium. Brain Cube is a brain twisting puzzle game of rolling blocks with great graphics. It currently occupies the 1st place in Top Paid on Black Berry App World. This Premium HD version is specifically optimized for tablets but you can find the regular Premium version here.

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GO Keyboard

GO dev team is on fire - now with their own keyboard.


Main features:
1.Predict in multiple languages and keyboard layouts
2.Has accurate dictionaries
3.Smart to set skin and back ground
4.Import contacts
5.Import SMS

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Pro HDR Camera

Introducing Pro HDR Camera, the world's first real HDR app for Android! From the team that created Pro HDR for iOS, now you can automatically create stunning full-resolution HDR images with just a single tap on your Android phone. Please note that this app has been tested to work properly on Motorola and HTC phones. However, if you have a Samsung, LG, Sony, or other device, the HDR capability may not function properly.

Thanks to Pro HDR Camera, you no longer have to choose between a blown-out sky or a hopelessly dark foreground. Bringing automatic high dynamic range photography to your Android phone for the first time ever, Pro HDR captures an image exposed for the highlights and another exposed for the shadows. It then aligns and merges the images, giving you a gorgeous HDR image up to 8 megapixels like nothing you've ever seen from such a tiny device.

Unlike fake HDR apps that merely take a single photo and reprocess it (without actually adding any new detail), Pro HDR massively extends the dynamic range of your camera and produces beautiful results that you have to see to believe. We provide a fully automatic mode, and an assisted Manual mode for those times when you wish to choose your exact exposures. Finally, you can take stunning high-resolution photos of all those scenes that are just too contrasty to capture in a single picture.

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TouchWiz Application Sorter

The TouchWiz drawer doesn't sort your apps? Seriously? No wonder you need apps like this one.


This application allows you to sort applications in TouchWiz application drawer alphabetically.

* Root permission is required
* Only for TouchWiz 3.0

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The Masters Golf Tournament

This is the official Android app for the Masters Tournament that is happening in Augusta, Georgia April 4–10, 2011.


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SPB Shell 3D

The infamously expensive ($15) Android launcher replacement with 3D elements.


  • 3D Home screen/launcher
  • Smart folders
  • 3D widgets
  • Collection of panels and widgets

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InterRupt Trial

This is probably the most ingenious and interesting app in this roundup, which, as a bicyclist who likes to listen to music, I appreciated quite a bit. I usually keep one earbud out, but this app would allow to have both buds in and still hear the surroundings when something noisy approaches (unless it's a Prius - then I'm dead meat!). Alternatively, I can totally see myself using it while sitting at the office with headphones on.

Very interesting idea - see if it works for you.


InterRupt lets you listen to music and podcasts more safely while cycling and running. It lets you listen to music while working but still hear someone speak to you.

InterRupt measures deviations in the background ambient noise and routes increases through to your headphones. It lets you adjust the noise threshold so you can easily set the noise level trigger. InterRupt lets you adjust the trigger sensitivity so you can block out more noise depending on your environment. It will use the mic on your phone as the default but will use a mic on your headset if available.

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join.me Viewer for Android

This is the Android client for the amazing join.me screen-sharing solution. If you've never used it before, remember it next time you need to give or receive tech support and don't have easy access to VNC or RDP - it's clean, simple, functional, and one-time (no installation necessary). I've been using join.me for random things for a while, and having a free Android client has just added a whole bunch of points to join.me's rate card in my book.


First, download the app. Now, you’re ready to join meetings from anywhere as long as you’re connected to the Internet by 3G or Wi-Fi.

Next direct your colleagues to https://join.me to start a meeting, web conference or ad-hoc collaboration.

They click the big “share” button to begin broadcasting their screen. It generates a secure nine-digit meeting code. You type that into the join.me app and presto.

You’re on the same page, even if your hundreds of miles away. It really is that simple.


  • Mobile screen viewing
  • Chat with participants
  • Zoom
  • See who’s attending

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The GO team is now quite legendary in the Android community - time and time again, they continue to release excellent, well-polished apps, from launchers to SMS managers to dialers to wallpapers - all free. How they have time to do it all is beyond me, but I sure welcome their contributions. GO SMS Pro is a version of GO SMS with some extra features, yet still free. The feature list is too large for me to paste here - just hit up the source links to see it.

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Trulia Real Estate Search

Perfect for buyers, renters and general lovers of all things real estate.

Find your next home with Trulia! Search homes for sale and for rent, plus see homes that have recently sold. Perfect for buyers, renters and general lovers of all things real estate, Trulia's app is designed for house hunting on the go.

+ Search nearby with GPS or enter a new location
+ View large, colorful photos of every home
+ Save your favorite properties and searches
+ Find open houses near you and easily add them to your calendar
+ Find homes using voice based-search – just say the city, # of beds and baths, and more
+ Search for price reduced homes
+ Use QR codes with built-in scanner access

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4shared mobile

Access 30,000,000+ files, manage your web account, listen to music, watch video on your phone, very easy to use, it's free.

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Make Look Good – Widget Themes

Make your phone stand out from the crowd with our good looking widgets. When you're ready for some serious style right on your homescreen, our MLG Widget Themes are waiting right here for you!

Instantly change from one theme to another from within the FREE MLG application.

All widgets are professionally designed and go way beyond the flip-clock clones out there.

Download now to try out the free Gotham widgets and browse the available themes.


+ Transform the look and feel of your phone in an instant
+ Discover, download and apply fresh widget themes with ease
+ Set widget theme and matching wallpaper at the same time
+ Each theme is truly unique and contains analog and/or digital clocks, toggle widgets and a weather forecast widget plus a beautiful homescreen background
+ Weather data from internationally acclaimed weather service yr.no with over 7 million forecasts available
+ Customize MLG to fit your daily life with many settings for time and weather

All themes contain high definition widgets and a matching wallpaper.

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The Independent

This is the free official App for users who take their news seriously - from The Independent and Independent on Sunday, titles that are internationally renowned for the standard of their analysis.
Read articles and view the photographs on the go. The App has been created so you can continue reading offline, even when your mobile signal is intermittent or not available.

Downloading the 150-plus stories that the Independent publishes on the App every day takes about a minute on a Wi-Fi connection and a few minutes on a normal mobile connection. Stories can be read whilst you are downloading.

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GO Score

GO Score is a must-have for sports fans.

Brought to you by GO Dev Team, GO Score keeps you updated 24X7 by providing scores, odds and field situation of the latest basketball and soccer games around the world. GO Score is a must-have for sports fans. We are not encouraging to use odds info for gambling purpose.

Key features:
1.Live scores as well as past game results.
2.Fast updating.
3.Configurable audio / vibration notification.
4.Game analysis data. Ranking Charts.
5.View odds data from multiple sources.
6.Live chat with other 3G.cn sports fans (No registration required).

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An unexpected new player in the video market (yay, puns!).


The best video player on Android! Watching your any videos on Phone and without conversion, anytime and anywhere.

The best playback experience and quality.
Support almost all video formats.
Support srt, ass, saa subtitles and mkv, mp4, mov's built-in subtitles.
Support multi-audio stream and multi-subtitle.
Support playlist and continuous play on same type files.
Support http, rtsp streaming.
Support media library and media sort by type.
Support media's thumbnail display.

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PowerAMP Standard Widget Pack

Since the last update of PowerAMP added the official Apps2SD support, having reliable widget support was no longer possible (I am fairly sure that this is an Android problem in general that Google should really address). Solution? This widget pack, which is installed separately.


Standard PowerAMP Widgets. Should be used for PowerAMP installed on SD card.

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Pinball Yeah!

This is a pretty crazy-looking pinball game - check out the video to see what I'm talking about.


Pirates, Leprechauns, Krakens, Artificial Intelligence, a metal ball and your thumbs. The secret formula that takes you deep into a new and innovative fantasy pinball experience.

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Tap Tap Revenge 4

This was one of the first games with in-app purchases on the Market and it's pretty cool. Guitar Hero fans will want to jump on it right away.


Tap and shake to the music of 100's of your favorite artists!

Get your favorite artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, B.o.B - PLUS free tracks from Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and Benny Benassi!

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Glyder 2 by Glu

Soar through the skies, swoop through tight caverns, explore wondrous mysteries throughout the land & customize your adventure by uncovering & all new sets of wings & outfits! NOTE: You must download a resource file immediately. This game is intended for higher end Android devices.

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I don't know what I like this game for more - its graphics and gameplay or the fact that every permission used is detailed in the Market description.


Kidnap cows, sheep and pigs as an grumpy alien in a flying saucer!

Take a role of a grumpy alien that decided to abduct all of the Earth cows, sheep and pigs (and an occasional farmer) in this fun arcade game!

Perfect for wasting those 5 minutes while you are waiting for something!

Permissions are used for:
* Wake Lock - for keeping screen awake while playing.
* Internet, Phone State - for ads and PayPal donations.
* Network state - for ads.
* Coarse location - for better advertisement targeting. We won't use it for bad deeds, we promise!

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Power Snooker

Very good 3D graphics for a pool game.

image image

Angry Birds Rio (now on the official Market)

No explanation necessary - previously available only in the Amazon Appstore, the game is finally in the Market, though with ads.

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Rapture Raptor

The most awesome app description I've seen in a long time. "You're a [email protected] velociraptor!"



The world is ending, and you've gotta eat every last human to survive.

Meteors took 'em out last time, but this time, the raptors are on top. The world is ending, and you've gotta eat every last human to survive. Forget floods and brimstone, it's raptors everyone is running from. Is this where you want to be when Jesus comes back? You don't care.

You're a [email protected] velociraptor!

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Connect-3 game. Beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay and magic spells

You are a mighty wizard, with a penchant for creating new constellations in the sky. Use your magic wand and spells to connect three or more stars of the same colour.

image image

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – Demo

Exciting hidden object game based on the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde book. Play in 30 different and exciting scenes with 30 additional puzzles.

image image

Galaxy on Fire 2 (Xperia Play only)

A galactic Xperia PLAY-optimized trek of space battles, weird aliens & romance!

image image

Age of Zombies (Xperia Play exclusive)

This looks like a lot of fun - I hope a non-Play-only version is going to come out soon.


From Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash comes their newest and biggest adventure yet! Lock and load through the history of time as a tough-as-nails commando named Barry Steakfries, who is looking at nothing more than to shoot some zombies and make it back in time for a hearty dinner!

image image

Destruction Derby (Xperia Play exclusive)

Destruction Derby was released in 1995 and proved to be a smash hit – literally! Return for another bout of original car carnage today; just buckle yourself into a shiny new race car and then destroy it, making sure you send your opponents to the junkyard in the sky before your motor bites the dust!

Cool Boarders 2 (Xperia Play exclusive)

t’s time to pick up that snowboard again and rip through the snow down 16 intense racetracks, pulling off 40 insane stunts as you hurtle downhill…

Syphon Filter (Xperia Play exclusive)

Gabe Logan: guerrilla warfare expert. Specialist in combat weaponry. Master marksman. A man on a personal crusade to bring down an international terrorist ring and eliminate a deadly virus… Syphon Filter™ exploded onto PlayStation® back in 1999 – now you can experience Logan’s classic first adventure all over again.

Jumping Flash (Xperia Play exclusive)

Leap around 6 colourful worlds in the cockpit of a robotic rabbit, hunting for the evil galactic property developer Baron Aloha. A first-person platformer like no other, Jumping Flash is as unique now as it was when first released in 1995.

MediEvil (Xperia Play exclusive)

1998’s MediEvil™ told the tale of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a cowardly knight resurrected 100 years after his death to save the land of Gallowmere from the evil sorcerer Zarok. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait another 100 years to experience Dan’s face-saving finest hour again – download it right here.

Live Wallpapers

Vortex Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Unknown part of the Universe. YOU CAN FLY in the galactic nebula!
This is the third of the four Galaxies.


WTF Apps Of The Week

Baconnection by the Reader’s Digest of all people

Oh man, you had me at "Bacon badges! Earn a Ph.B. in Baconology." And it was created by Reader's Digest of all people!

image image


Yeah, it's exactly what you think it is.

Update: The developer of this app got in touch to let us know its primary purpose is actually quite serious and medical - it helps diagnose IBD, IBS, and other related diseases. While I apologize for rushing this app into the WTF category, the name combined with the first impressions were quite priceless. So, if you don't have a medical reason to use PoopLog, have fun using it for the lulz, but if you do, I hope it helps you diagnose whatever is coming out the other end.

image image

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