If this is going to become a regular weekly event, then sign me up. Amazon's 1-premium-app-per-day deal got a bit of a split personality today, just like a week ago, and instead of one, two apps turned free until the clock strikes midnight. The apps, which are actually both games, are:

  • Airport Mania ($0.99 $0), in which you become an air traffic controller and which is rated remarkably high (4.5 stars, 47 reviews)

image image image


  • Backbreaker Football ($2.99 $0), which is a 3D football crusher with 90 waves, 9 challenges, and 3 difficulty levels

image image image

I must say, I like where this is going, though I can't shrug off a feeling that Amazon is just apologizing extra hard for the last 2 days today (the Angry Birds Rio dupe and the Talking Tom Cat were not exactly the crowd's favorites). At this pace, we'll have an app woot-off soon (hey, Amazon owns woot.com, so anything is possible).

Source: Amazon [1] [2]

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  • ari-free

    that version of backbreaker is not for tegra 2 devices. There is a special tegra 2 version on Android market.

  • Arffer

    When I went to the Amazon App store, only the Backbreaker Football shows as the free app of the day.

    I don't see Airport Mania shown as a free app of the day.

    How did you know it was a double dip day?
    Just curious...

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      It was the free app of the day for about half an hour until Amazon for some reason put up another one... no idea why.

  • Fone_Fanatic

    I bought airport mania about a month ago. Its simple yet addictive!