Owners of the Sony Xperia X10 around the world are rejoicing, because after a long wait, the previously locked bootloader has finally been cracked. What does this mean, you ask? In a nutshell, it means that the X10 can now handle custom features that other Android devices have had for some time, like kernels that allow for overclocking/undervolting, native USB/Wi-Fi tethering, removal of the 32fps cap, and a myriad of other tweaks.


This wondrous deed was achieved by XDA member zdzihu and announced late Thursday night, but no one was quite sure if it was an April Fools' Day joke at the time. It has been confirmed that it is the real deal, as an alpha version of a custom kernel has already been released with so-far-so-good reports.

For more information, check out the development thread and the source thread.

Sources: XDA [1] [2]

Cameron Summerson
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  • JayMonster

    And now the real fun begins as we wait to see, if in normal Sony fashion they decide to go after the person that cracked the bootloader. Tbink that is silly? Think, i own my Sony device and they can't do that? Think again. You only need to look at what theh did (are doing) to the guy that cracked the PS3.

  • Gadgetron_3000

    Actually, the bootloader hasn't been cracked or broken. The XDA developers have found a way to bypass the bootloader.

    So I think from now on the XDA X10 community will have those working on new kernels using this bootloader bypass method as well as some who will continue to work on actually breaking the original bootloader which is heavily encrypted.

  • MoHaMmAd-Afg