Well-known budget electronics manufacturer ASUS has a big splash-page promo up on Best Buy's website right now for the upcoming Eee Pad Transformer, the manufacturer's first Honeycomb (Android 3.0) tablet, and it's not exactly subtle:


It's a fair comparison - both will probably break their hinges around the same time

The (unintentional) irony here being that ASUS's product aren't exactly known for their top-notch materials (I'm not saying their products are faulty - just a little flimsy). Still, the Transformer is a kind of neat idea - we'll have to reserve judgment on how ASUS's execution of the concept fares in the real world.

Best Buy via Phandroid

David Ruddock
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  • http://anasqtiesh.com Anas

    ill-researched; Asus has lowest hardware failure rates among laptop manufacturers http://t.co/SgiEHQm fix the article please.

    Obviously you know shit about Asus, you get what you pay for in terms of materials (they have laptops on both ends of the spectrum) but they don't compromise on the durability and reliability of their devices. Prejudiced much?

    • David Ruddock

      Fair enough on the internals, but last time I checked, hardware failure does not include damage/failures of things like the outer shell, hinges, trim, or broken ports.

      I have numerous ASUS internal components in my computer - but I've always found their laptops and such feel quite "cheap" and observed their liability to "cosmetic" defects due to use of cheap materials.

      I agree you get what you pay for, but ASUS is the one making the comparison to Apple here.

      • sansenoy

        Exactly, my eurospec 1215N has all you could want in a netbook, but it suffers from the worst case of keyboard flex ever, it's horrid; the touchpad "button" is even worse... Their pc internals have never failed me, GPUs only though.

    • Alex

      My old Asus laptop actually caught fire, burnt my hand, and shot smoke out the side fan. Through no fault of my own. Customer support did jack shit. I'll never buy another Asus product.

  • http://www.Twitter.com/xandroidaddictx xAndroidAddictx

    I think the idea is cool, but I've never been a fan of ASUS. I guess I will have to wait and see if anyone else comes up with something like it

  • Danny

    Horrible article. "The (unintentional) irony here being that ASUS’s product aren’t exactly known for their top-notch materials" That's the most untrue thing you can say about Asus. That quote would fit Apple just so much better, no kidding. Look at the antenna and screen problems Apple are facing, thanks to their poor QC. Do your research before you write anymore poor articles.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Yeah, cause Apple products are so poorly QCed. Give me a break.

      • Jason

        Well the iPhone 4 does have problems when holding it. I don't remember which, but the white iPhone 3g or 3gs had some problems with the white turning colors because it was being cooked by the cpu. The MacBook Pros of a couple years ago where poorly designed and if you had them on for a little bit the body became so hot you couldn't have it on your lap. My friend had one and had to get it replaced because it overheated and broke.... So yes Apple has problems just like everyone else.

  • mahboiiiiii

    My desktop is made of almost exclusively ASUS parts, and I have owned serveral low-end (under $200) ASUS Netbooks. While they might not have been the highest quality products I've even purchased, I never had any issues with them.

  • JWil

    WOW! That's what I said when I read this "article", if you want to call it that. While I am not a huge fan of ASUS motherboards, I still recognize them as probably the largest PC parts manufacturer and also one of the most well-known computer companies for how well they design their laptop line...they are quite sexy and with nice specs to boot. Also, do you have any idea who this company is? They created the netbook!!! For an android user, you sound like a closet Apple Fanboy!!! Do yourself a favor, STICK TO LAW! That aside, I think that the picture is hilarious...great job Asus Marketing Team!

  • Davidus

    Didn't pick up many fans with this one eh? Just bought the gf an asus laptop, felt pretty good about it til I read the article...

    • SirWally

      Fear not. I have had two Asus gaming laptops and 2 Asus netbooks and I have nothing bad to say about them, including build quality. I wholeheartedly disagree with this article's sentiment of Asus as a budget manufacturer. Sure, they sell gear across a wide range of budgets, but I would never call them cheap. Asus gets two thumbs of from me, and I am eager to check the Transformer out.

  • brad

    This is the tablet for me. I love the design. We will have to wait and see performance. But I think its promising out of all the tegra driven tablets out there now and in the future.

  • Chris

    Wow, that's strange. The only laptops I would ever purchase are Asus laptops. They are the only brand that has never let me down, internals or externals. You might be confusing them with Acer. You're lucky if an Acer will last a year.

  • xploited

    +1 to everyone above, you seriously got it all wrong regarding “The (unintentional) irony here being that ASUS’s product aren’t exactly known for their top-notch materials”

    ASUS is one of the most reliable hardware manufacturers. The End.

  • Eric

    Funny, Asus is a go to brand for me due to their quality. Someone mixing up Asus and Acer? Asus isn't a "budget" manufacturer, while Acer certaintly is

  • John J

    A lot of anger in the comments, jeez. Who knew there were ASUS fanbois?

    Look, he never said "All ASUS products suck and should be thrown in a fire". He was comparing the fact that Apple's name nowadays is pretty much synonymous with 'great build and design' in the consumer tech world, whereas ASUS isn't.

    I've used good and bad ASUS products over the years - for instance, my current motherboard is ASUS, and the lazy bastards couldn't be bothered to drill out the outer holes for proper ATX specs, causing the board to flex when attaching things like power and RAM.

    He was expressing an opinion, as were you all. Just don't be so violent about it.


    • Adam

      It is called motherboard stand-offs. You don't need screws in every hole.

      I own laptops and parts from ASUS and have never had an issue.

  • brad

    I have to agree. I think there is a confusion with acer products and asus. I have never owned an asus product such as a netbook or laptop. But, I can say, Im in line to buy a ASUS tablet before I would EVER consider ACER.
    And remember, apple use to make junk also, before they got it right with a shell design. And since the product ISNT even out to the public, the writer is only making the assumption that he knows what the quality will be like.
    Which is probably not really a smart thing to do.

  • http://www.fast2ad.com Simon

    In my country Lithuania ASUS is No.1 most sold laptops even if there are many other cheaper laptops like acer and other.

    • Kane

      Does #1 sold mean high quality in any way?

  • shane

    Agree with most comments here.. owend asus pc parts for as long as they have sold em... usually the most reliable around.. in fact i sure i have a p2 pr p3 asus motherboard in the garrage that i guarantee would power up if i had a reason to turn it on... im looking forward to their tablet to give it a spin, more android the beter... so get ur damn pom-poms out or remove android from ur site name :-)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Again, the argument is not for the quality of their internals but the flimsiness of some of their hardware. For what it's worth, all of my (4-5) motherboards have been ASUS, but 2 of them died and needed to be replaced. Thankfully, their RMA process was pretty painless.

      Anyway, flimsy hinges does not mean ASUS is teh sux0rz, OK people?

      • njplayer1

        Motherboards from every company break down...it's what they're willing to do about it. i say every computer should come with 3 year warranty standard included in the price.

  • Jimbo

    I believe Asus is such a high quality manufacturer that at one point, they were the ODM for Apple for their Mac books.

  • daniel d

    Lol. This guy is obviously a mac fanboy. Only reason Apples reputation is so "high" is because of brilliant marketing. Apple = overpriced foxconn while Asus = affordable quality machines.

    • Xcom923

      I don't think he's coming off as a mac fanboy. I'm a huge fan of ASUS (I have 3 machines myself) and they do feel cheap, they don't break mind you but a lot of their stuff feels like they might.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Can we concentrate on the hilarious pun at hand instead, people? :D

    • John J

      Nah man, this is a tech site. Gotta get our flame on.

    • Eric

      Most people are focusing on the pun. Problem is, the puns foundation was pretty poor. It's like putting a link to newegg next to a link to dell's prebuilt computers and saying they both have the same customization options for your final computer purchase.

      There were better puns available in that picture. Not saying they'd all be as "funny", but at least they wouldn't trash a reputation of a good brand undeservedly.

      Now, if you want to talk about design, asus still has a lot to learn about what looks good, but they are getting better at that.

  • doron

    I've owned ASUS internals and never had problems but my laptop had to be RMA'd twice within 5 months due to the screen's build quality which caused constant display problems. Not buying anymore ASUS laptops but open to anything else.

  • civil

    I thought the "It’s a fair comparison – both will probably break their hinges around the same time" comment was more of a compliment to duct tape.=\

    Have not had anything (especially that which Asus puts their eee branding on) from Asus that wasn't sturdy/durable. Some keyboard flex but I've grown to expect it from anything that wasn't a Thinkpad.

  • Astria

    sorry, but this is one of the worst article i ve ever read on Android Police...

    besides Clevo and Alienware, Asus is easily one of the best laptop makers in the world... my 2yr old Asus laptop has yet to fail me, not even once...

  • Transform ME!!

    ipad killed the netbook party. so Asus has transformed its party through innovation. I think this party will be bigger and better considering ipad 2's cameras are wrongly placed and both are 0.3MP (front) and 0.7MP (rear) compared to the Transformer's 1.2MP and 5MP respectively.

  • Jon

    Hm. So now I'm curious...Which one is the best laptop manufacturer in your opinion? ...Sony Vaio?

    Blaming one of the more reliable brands as unreliable makes you wonder which one you actually consider as "realiable"... Sorry, but asus is clear of any doubt for too many of your readers.

    EEE owner, it's been fighting like a champ for a couple of years now. Still working like the first day, even though it has visited a lot of rather hard countries, and had several hard hits, like falling from a moving tuk-tuk.

  • njplayer1

    Why is this law student writing articles about technology on androidpolice? he doesn't seem to know what he's talking about.

  • Android Boi

    Notion Ink is a big time failure


    Rohan Roahn

  • Halifax

    Ridiculous. I'll admit I'm an Asus fanboy, but that's partly due to the incredibly sturdy and rugged Asus laptops I've owned over the years. Especially my Eee PC 701 4G - toughest computer I've ever owned, hands down, and I've put it through HELL. I also have heard nothing but good things about how the hinge feels so far from those that have been able to review one - that's still a little early but it's reassuring to know that THIS article was the only bad thing I've heard about it so far, and I've been looking.

  • Tiger

    Got to play around with one of these today...

    my god its beautiful!

    asus have done a fantastic job and to top this off...


    well done Asus!

    finally a manufacturer that understands pricing and quality

  • brad

    Well i have had this tablet with keyboard dock for two weeks. It is simply fantastic. Asus. You have made me a believer. I work in a studio, and many ckwrkers are appoe fan boys. And they admit this is better than there ipads. Even one coworker purchased a tranformer to replace his ipad2.

  • Raavi Arda

    It's this kind of articles that makes me read AP less and less often. The author claims Asus to have low reliability - AP has even lower one if they let something like this... thing (hard to call it an article even) be published. Seriously, man... do some reseach before writing a single word again.

    Sent from my Asus Transformer with dock that has it's hinges intact (oh, the irony!) - only because I left my Asus laptop at home :-P