Samsung's Nexus S, the first Gingerbread device, was a T-Mobile exclusive in the U.S. until last month, when Sprint announced the Nexus S 4G - a CDMA (and WiMAX) counterpart of this sleek stock Android device. Can Samsung pull the same trick it did with the Galaxy S phones that came to all U.S. carriers? It sure looks like it.

We've already seen a Nexus S with model GT-I9020A (as opposed to T-Mobile GT-I9020T) hit the FCC with AT&T bands, and now the same exact model has shown up on Samsung's own site, citing AT&T as the carrier. Whether Ma Bell will subsidize it or not (they didn't offer subsidies for the Nexus One) remains to be seen, but now the AT&T Nexus S is all but officially confirmed.

Stay tuned - we're hearing a Verizon variant will be coming as well.


Source: Samsung.com via GetAndroidStuff

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  • http://androidjet.com Android Jet

    Finally officially confirmed. Good news to Nexus S's fans.

  • Rami

    please god im sick of this tracking bootloader locked motorola shit. I own a droid x and its the last moto device i will buy until bootloaders are unlocked. Nexus FTW. if this come to verizon i will be the first 0ne to get it on or off contract

  • Sandy McArthur

    Ugh more choices! Do I wait for the Nexus S or go get an Motorola Atrix?

  • Ryan

    I will believe a Verizon Nexus S ("pure google") when I see it in a store, and will be quite surprised when I do.

    Verizon is VERY attached to their precious bloatware.

  • Andrea Bittau

    first android device <3