You've already seen the very early unboxing of Sprint's upcoming dual-screen Kyocera Echo, and now Wirefly went for an even deeper, more detailed look at the UI itself and all the arguably cool things you can do with such an unconventional interface. The Echo has many people skeptical, but now you can at least try to decide for yourself whether the 2-screen design is a complete gimmick or not. One thing is for sure - if the manufacturer has to include 2 batteries straight in the box, don't expect any world records out of this power-sucker.

Oh, and I have a feeling TechCrunch won't be covering this one.

Source: Wirefly

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  • liams

    Wow that guy was pretty into the "Kaiocera" echo lol
    I don't see too much merit in it, it's NOT like a tablet, and to say it compares favorably is kind of an exaggeration. The possibility of doing two things at once is cool, but definitely not enough to sell me on this phone.

  • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

    "and now you have a tablet.." No.. actually now I have a cellphone that has a Nintendo DS look and feel to it..that's hinged (and those hinges just scream phone returns if it gets damaged.) I am not impressed in the least.

  • Alex

    It's vaguely cool, but it looks more like a novelty than anything else. I don't see any appeal to something that requires a second battery to get through the day and have serious doubts about the additional multitasking potential.