Finding and buying a house can be an overwhelming experience, but fortunately for us, real estate website Trulia have released an Android app to aid the process. The app has some nice features, like using GPS to search nearby areas (you can also manually enter locations). It also allows you to save your favorite places, shows full pictures of homes, helps find open houses and saves them to your calendar, and even utilizes voice recognition – all you have to do is announce the city and number of bed/bathrooms that you’re looking for. Very cool stuff.

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I did not take the screenshots, so please do your best to ignore the task killer.

Trulia Real Estate is a free app and can you can grab it from the Android Market or Appbrain using the widget below.

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://twitter.com/#!/hardkormysteria Kori

    Excuse me, Mr. Why didn't you tell me about this app sooner? As much as I'm on the internet looking for houses, this app is a must have! :)

    • Jon Garrett

      Ive been using this app now for about 2 weeks., its really great. I actually found their website first then discovered that they have this app. I cant believe how well its designed.

  • http://sweb froyo

    zillow already has the app for long time

  • http://www.realtor.com Dave

    Please check out the Realtor.com application for Android, it's quite stellar, and gets rave reviews! I work at Move, makers of Realtor.com and mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7, and we're very proud of the special features of the Android app.

    No one else has our sketch with your finger to search an arbitrary shape -- like the area you want to live in.

    Anyways, enough advertorial...enjoy!


  • https://market.android.com/details?id=com.ecowho.propertyassessment&feature=search_result keith

    Hi, also check out the Property Assess app while your at it - basically keeps all the details of the properties you have looked at organized such as photos, contacts, appointments, notes, voice notes, etc.

  • http://twitter.com/propertyscanUk Propertyscanner

    We tested this app...its really good.