We've all heard that Ice Cream (the next version of Android) is supposed to combine Gingerbread with Honeycomb, but our friends over at Phandroid have gotten the inside track on some additional information, and it looks like Google TV may become part of the bundle as well. While Google TV has gotten off to a rocky start, incorporating it into Android seems like it would be a smart move for Google.

So what does this mean? In all honesty, it could mean a number of things. One thing that I would count on, though, is consistency. All Google devices (TVs, tablets, and phones) would be running off of the same source code and utilizing the same APIs, providing a more streamlined experience. Universal updates would be another huge benefit of combining Android with Google TV; when accompanied with the changes that Google is reportedly making to Android, we could see one update that will get pushed out to all devices.

Could this also bring TV to your phone? More Android Apps to your TV? I guess that's possible, but we really won't know until Google IO 2011, as it is rumored that Google will make the official announcement then.

Source: Phandroid

Cameron Summerson
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  • Gogol

    This is too good to be true ...

    Remember, April 1 .... :)

    • gu

      Except its not April 1st yet.

  • Asphyx

    I have been watching the GoogleTV progress very closely as I am in the Broadcast industry and it might open up a million other possibilities for me financially.

    Their biggest hurdle is the networks like NBC and others blocking their sites from being streamed on the GoogleTV boxes.

    Solving that issue will determine GTV's ultimate fate.

    Putting it into phones as part of android is a great idea but from my understanding of GTV it really is not so much a TV service as a value added service to traditional TV distribution. It works best when there is either Cable or Dish service attached to the box which would not really be possible for phones.

    And in order for GTV to really succeed they will need to make some deals in the same way Netflix has to get access to the content they need for it to work especially where the phones are concerned since you can't plug your CTV into it.

    What I expect would be more likely to be seen in regards to the phone version is an App that can control and stream what is going through your home GoogleTV unit is the same way the Slingbox and Vulkano units do.

    It's a great move either way on Google's part.
    But it is also just another aspect of your life that Google will be able to profile you in that is not available to them now.
    They already know where you go and what you do on the net and by making GTV a household item that interfaces them with your viewing habits they will also be able to track what you watch which they can't do now.

  • Marc

    I don't buy this. Honeycomb and gingerbread are ARM only whereas google tv is x86. Remember Intel claimed to have written half of google tv, and while that is likely an exaggeration, and there is definitely a Nugget of truth in there.

    • Nick

      All the more reason to liberate GTV from that expensive platform!

      Why stay beholden to Intel? That wouldn't seem to suit Goog's interests.

  • Sorin

    Doesn't make sense since present honeycomb is 3.0 and future icecream will be 2.4. The next version of Android that combines tablets and phones cannot be less than 3.1. But we know the next version will be 2.4 so I guess the merge is not yet there?

    • kodiak211

      don't the OS names fall in alphabetical order? 1.5 "C" Cupcake 1.6 "D" Donut 2.0/ 2.1 "E" Éclair 2.2 "F" Froyo 2.3 "G" gingerbread 3.0 "H" Honeycomb you would think Icecream would be 3.1? or am i missing something?

  • kodiak211

    the only thing im truly wanting to know is when the market is opening on GTV?