HTC Flyer, also known as the HTC View 4G in the U.S. on Sprint, is one of the more interesting Android tablets coming out within the next few months, due to its superfast 1.5GHz processor, a perfect for many (as the Nook Color and Galaxy Tab showed) 7" size, palm rejection technology, and the Scribe digital pen.

Sure, we got a few hands-on here and there, but nobody can be as good as HTC itself at highlighting the best features of the tablet, at least until we get our own review units.

In this 6-minute video that surfaced a few hours ago, HTC showcases the tablet's aluminum unibody construction, sleek looks, the new Sense for tablets with improved homescreen swiping, gaming, video playback, and the Scribe pen. And a whole lot more Scribe pen, and then some. Did I mention the Scribe pen?


Source: HTC

Artem Russakovskii
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  • http://technocrate.net nailerr

    Huh, I actually sort of want that now. Unexpected feeling.


    Now we're getting closer to actual usable products, not just toys for grownups :-D Ja could sure use this if the notetaking ability is as smooth as it looks.

  • ari-free

    I like how the calendar integrates with notes which integrates with the audio recording and also integrates with evernote. :)
    I also like that drawing movie feature.

  • Lord_Phoenix

    +1... Only thing is, due to damn Android 2.2 it's only 7" ... I'd like to see 10' version...

    • http://technocrate.net nailerr

      I was listening to Engadget Mobiles podcast today and it sounds like HTC are suggesting the flyer will be updated to 3.0.

      That for me raises some questions though, will it receive the new holographic UI design, the task switcher window and status bar? What of those soft-buttons on the frame? Obsoleted?

      It will be an interesting update if true.

    • nory826

      its actually 2.3

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The Flyer and View 4G will be launched with Android 2.3 and upgraded to 3.0 shortly after.

      • Peter

        Artem, do you really believe it will be upgraded?

        Anyway, excellent video. I want one and I want it now!

  • kable

    More importantly, what basketball games was that?

  • Mikey H

    What it you're a leftie? can that palette thing be moved around? other than that issue, this looks really good and would actually be very useful

    Might actually buy a tablet if this thing works as advertised.

    +1 HTC

  • http://galaxytabforum.com babyfacemagee

    The Flyer's Scribe Software is really amazing. The ability to comment, draw and take notes on web pages and then share with coworkers and friends is incredibly useful. http://FlyerForums.com