Sprint has really been pushing people to get into the idea of their dual-screen Kyocera Echo ever since they announced it back in February. Naturally, there has been some resistance to this, but let's put the controversy aside and focus on the topic at hand for a moment, shall we?

The popular cell phone vendor Wirefly has gotten its hands on the first packaging of the Echo, and they were kind enough to do an unboxing for us.

A couple of noteworthy things about the Echo:

  • One of the main concerns with a dual-screen phone is battery life. Sprint/Kyocera have already addressed this by shipping the device with two 1360 mAH batteries.
  • It also ships with an external battery charger, so you shouldn't be without a charged battery.

Although I personally think this phone is more of a novelty, I have to give credit to Sprint and Kyocera for addressing the battery drain early on by including a second battery and charger.

After watching the video, do you still feel the same about the Echo?

Source: Wirefly

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://Cisco.com EvoAlgorithm

    Seriously?????? 29.99 off contract...

  • Aeires

    It's never a good sign when your standard equipment comes with a spare battery and external battery charger.