When the Nintendo 64 emulator first came out, many users were overcome with joy - it was the first and only emulator for Android, and nostalgia was overwhelming. However, a short time after, N64oid simply disappeared. Worried threads popped up around the Internet, and with today's disappearance of PSX4Droid, we couldn't help but wonder whether the two incidents are related.

You can breathe easy though - N64oid is safe, at least according to a few people who received responses from the developer regarding the disappearance. The truth is, due to some compatibility and performance complaints, yongzh, the developer, made a decision to pull over into a pit stop and give the app a bit of a tune-up. It'll be back - we'll just have to give him a few weeks.

Oh, and those of you who bought the app will get it back free of charge, together with any updates.

Due to complaints by people that the app was not up to par yet he has taken it off the market for the next couple of months until it can be perfected.

A great number of users are complaining about the compatibility and running performance. Considering the bad ratings, I temporarily unpublished N64oid. I am doing a rewrite of some of the core modules. Don't worry, N64oid will be back much better in a month. And of course you won't have to pay for it again.

Thanks for the understanding! I won't let people down.

Thanks Damon, Trev186

Artem Russakovskii
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  • muwahhid

    This is why he ie so good. He updates and updates . Go yongzh!

  • Richart

    BUTT S3X! I was able to get Perfect Dark and Goldeneye play pretty good but still crashed here n there (Epic 4g:Ext 4 1.3ghz) hopefully his next update reduces these crashes and lets us play Rouge Squadron. I feel like he's using code from other emulators..the old emulator on my mac has the EXACT same issues with the same games on my phone. either way I dont care where he gets the code from... cant wait!

  • Brian

    Are the complaining users nuts?

    Granted I've only tested Mario64 and Kart, but they run near flawlessly at full FPS. The author did an amazing job with this program.

  • http://facebook.com/ketchupmakesmeCRINGE Chris

    Brian - Try testing more games, only 3 or 4 worked around the speed they needed to.

  • Jonathan

    yeah every time i try to pause on my Xoom Zelda crashes

  • demontrey

    All the games sucked except for Mario 64 on my rooted evo

    • ^_^_^_^

      that's because you're bad.

  • muwahhid

    I tried. 3 zeldas , Mario part andmario 64, goldeneye perfect dark banjo kazooie and tooie mk and some otherwise. Flawless desire HD part from odd sound bug occasionally

  • ottehr

    yongzh is lying.

    google took it down because he stole the code from open source projects without giving due credit.

    • RedGiant

      Prove it. Where do you get your intel?

    • roflmao

      doubtful. if the projects were actually open source then he wouldn't have had to give credit. plus why would google employ someone to read through god knows how much code to check if it was original? stay off the internet please.

      • RedGiant

        Well put, sir.

        Mind you, I hope the last comment was aimed at ottehr?

        Looking forward to the app returning in fine fettle.

  • adam

    Yongzh, th haters always post the most. Regardless, you have brought the joy of so manys childhoods back to life, and picked up an abandoned project that left so many upset and unfulfilled. I for one have been waiting for n64oid for ages and have never spent so much time with an app ever. I also bought the app twice to donate more. Keep it up man the majority loves it and cant wait for more.

  • Martin


  • Cody

    Okay, it is October and it's still not able to be downloaded. I NEED a 64 emulator! :( Can anyone spare a few minutes to email me it if you got it before it was taken down?

    • MO

      read my comments on here

  • MO

    hi, gooogle n64oid and click on the link to slideme. its been there for a long time and now beeen updated at least 30 times! pretty much every game runs at full speed on most phones and you can use controllers etcetera. its a complete app, theres virtually zero problems or bugs. get it

    • MO

      read my other comment