If you use Dropbox on your Android device and either like to live on the edge or help the company test out the latest betas, you will want to check out this post on the Dropbox forums, announcing a new public beta v1.0.9.3 with some new translations, Honeycomb improvements, new Lock Code support for the security-conscious, and other fixes. Forum replies also indicated that some sort of a folder opening bug got fixed in the process, though I am not sure what exactly that bug was in the first place.

Check out the changelog, then proceed to the direct download link, and once you've tested everything out, head back to the Dropbox forums to post your feedback:

Release Notes

  • Internationalization (French, Spanish, German, Japanese)
  • Lock Code now protects your Dropbox from prying eyes.
  • Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet compatibility fixes
  • Improvements:
    • Better checking for file modifications before uploading
    • Improved character set support
    • Displays error message when SD card is full
    • Dropbox service no longer starts up on all network changes
    • Dropbox no longer lists itself as an app it can share data to
  • Removed permission to read phone state and identity, since it's no longer needed.
  • Added permission to prevent phone from sleeping, so uploads & downloads finish when your screen turns off.
  • Mobile Tour gives an overview of Dropbox features on first login.

And here is the download link.

QR code for http://db.tt/vIZk8hO

Source: Dropbox forums

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  • psych2l

    I'm waffling between the official dropbox app and titanium media sync, but I'll keep both on for now.

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  • Inspiron41

    love dropbox! i checked dropbox on my motorola xoom and i didn't notice any significant changes on the surface. i wished the overhauled the UI for tablets. At least leave an active preview panel or active menu panel on the screen. anyway! love it

  • Jon Garrett

    I like Dropbox, box(dot)net is nice too. I have it for my i4, I dont know if its available for Android devices.

  • FIsh

    Pathetic excuse to post refferal links...

  • WordArmy

    they do have a box(dot)net app, if anyone is curious... nothing too spectacular though