It's no secret that the Android Market isn't exactly the easiest place to find what you want. Unless an app is super popular, brand new, or you know its exact name, you could end up wandering in that virtual mall like a small child whose mother forgot to tell them she was heading to the next shop.

AppBrain has been a popular way to deal with the poor organization of the Market, allowing users to search for apps in a variety of categories and giving suggestions for programs based on what is currently installed on users' handsets. Today, AppBrain added a new category: apps that use in-app billing.

appbrain in app billing

As in-app billing was released today, there are currently only twelve apps on the category's page, but that number is sure to rise. According to AppBrain's statistics, 90% of all paid apps have 500 or fewer installs, so a new way to monetize applications will surely be embraced by developers.

Thanks to AppBrain, users will always be able to easily find the latest apps that take advantage of the new in-app billing service - but one has to wonder when Google plans on matching AppBrain in terms of user experience.

Source: Appbrain

Zak Stinson
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  • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

    I'm not sure why I'd want to filter apps by ones which use in-app billing. I'm neither for nor against it -- it has potential for abuse but should also streamline line/demo versions -- but I can't think why it would be the main criteria when I wanted to find a new app. Maybe right now when it's a novelty and people want to see how it works, but that'll wear off.

    The best thing about AppBrain, and a serious flaw in Google's Market, is that it detects when there are updates to pre-installed apps that came with the phone.

    Market only detects updates for apps that were previously installed or updated via Market. So once you get the first update for a pre-installed app, that app is okay and the phone/Market will detect new updates for it, but you have to realise there is that first update for it and it doesn't help with all the other pre-installed apps that don't have updates yet but might in the future.

    OTOH, AppBrain does not seem to filter apps by region (and maybe not by handset either, not sure), so it's forever telling me I can install/update Google Books but when I click on it in AppBrain it takes me to Market which tells me no such app exists, because Google have not deemed the UK worth selling books to.