Ever reminisce about those heady, hazy days of the mid-90s when you and your mates would gather around a Nintendo N64 console for a communal session of Mario Kart, Golden Eye, or Starfox?

Well those days are back… if you can get ahold of a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, dubbed the PlayStation phone, and equip it with N64oid (which was recently taken down from the Market, but you can always find links floating around).

OK. So, the emulator does not yet support network multiplayer games, and the the four-player mayhem for which the N64 was famed is missing, but the sheer retro joy of N64 gaming is unsurpassed -  if you don’t mind playing on a 4” screen rather than your 50” plasma.


While emulators that run SNES, GBA, GBC, Sega Gamegear and Megadrive games have been available in the Market for a while, the Xperia Play already has a Playstation style pad built in, which makes games more intuitive to play.

The Xperia Play was supposed to be released in the UK on March 28th but got delayed by O2 due to some late-stage bugs. In the US, release is rumored to be early April, with the first official game as Crash Bandicoot. The device boasts a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB RAM, 400MB ROM, a 4" 854x480px touchscreen, a 5MP camera, and Android 2.3.

Early reports indicate a moderate amount of lag in video sequences, but when playing, olde stylee games run beautifully - very smooth, very responsive, and with N64oid, certainly the closest you will get to playing genuine Nintendo games on any phone platform in the near future.

Games for N64oid can be added via standard N64 ROM images, which if you’re an enthusiast, you’ll already have and if you’re not, you can borrow from your friends.

Source: YouTube

  • Erik

    "you can always find links floating around". So you encourage software piracy? Not cool at all.

    • Mark

      Good God, shut your "I can be holy" ass up. He's stating the obvious. Besides there are GameBoid and other emulators on the market currently.

    • Drake

      freeware is the reason for the internet. and rightfully so, so get used to it

  • http://analoghype.com Toaster

    Sony's hounding up Geohotz but has this going on?
    Is THIS suppose to prevent the psphone from getting hacked? Having those roms and emulators readily available are the perfect business plan, but aside from using the competition against the competition: one question remains. What's stopping people from getting playstation roms or playstation 2 roms?


    I understand some gamers already have emulators available on their pcs, but having it on a gaming phone is almost shameless and breeds people who will seek out more games, more demand for free content.

    Psphone for emulation? Everyone (who cares) will suffer for it eventually.

    • Westy

      So lets say someone who owned these games at some point before and now uses an emulator on their phone to play those same games they are stealing? They owned them before so playing them on a different medium technically shouldnt be an issue.

      Also not saying that its right but playing games that no one isnt buying anymore such as Nintendo and SNES games that really only collectors (console gamers im talkin about) i think isnt killing the gaming industry. Now people who are taking current console games copying them is a different story.

      • Drake

        its actually in no way an issue. emulated games are completely legal if the game has been purchased previously by the person in question

  • ghostmkvi

    You people who are screaming shameful do know that the emulator works on all Android phones right? I am currently enjoying Ocarina of Time, Banjo Kazooie and about 10 other N64 games on my Samsung Vibrant. Sony isnt supporting it Android just runs it, and beautifully. Portable Smash Bros is heaven. This phone will just make these games better. Oh and there is PSXoid which is a PS1 emulator for android so your late on your concerns on that as well.

    • http://analoghype.com toaster

      I'm not against this on any phone or device. But after the legal battle against hackers and modders why are they so open with android?

  • http://analoghype.com toaster

    all I'm saying is that its hypocritical to do this and still go after geohotz.

    we own the phone much like the ps3.
    how is it OK here and not elsewhere?

    • Mnotme

      Because this is Sony Ericsson...not Sony.

      Sony Ericsson is (more or less) the people from "old" Ericsson mobile + money and branding from Sony Corp.

      • http://analoghype.com toaster

        If you can jailbreak an iphone can you not modify any other electronic device?

        I ain't knocking the xperia for having android or access to these games that you can no longer get or even "backups" or what have you.

        But those rom on a device that doesn't normally run it was only possible through modifying. But its readily available now?

        Not to be sarcastic, but anything that has the "playstation brand" is Sony, even if its sony ericsson's phone.

  • Lucian Armasu

    I hope this guy makes the PSPoid next.

  • http://analoghype.com toaster

    ok all things considered; lets say whether sony is or is not against software sharing, piracy, or what have you doesn't even matter.

    If they have emulators for android, and androids suddenly become more popular for Playstation users, what does that equal out to? Which brings me to my next point:

    PSPoid next? well they already have some playstation emulators and roms out (for sale on android market). You will see a huge development on these emulators. Unless Sony does something it'll be very self-destructive.

    but aside from everything else. ok I can see that those old games on the go are a good idea. My major beef is why we can't have those old games on modded onto the ps3? Those leaks and vulnerabilities can also hurt future games for this handheld device.

    hardware aside, the idea is the same isn't it?