After bickering back and forth with the Android community about the terms and timelines of kernel source releases and getting flooded with emails, HTC finally put together the source code for the Thunderbolt kernel and uploaded it to their developer portal.

The file weighs in at 87MB and will enable ROM developers to finally do some proper work on custom ROMs, including improving battery life, over- and under-clocking, and implementing other tweaks (hopefully, it includes LTE drivers so that CyanogenMod devs don't have to reverse engineer the protocol and write their own).

Download the kernel v2.6.32 from HTC or our direct mirror below:

Source: HTC Developer center

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Vivec

    It's nice to know that HTC didn't join the dark side

  • http://Cisco.com EvoAlgorithm

    I am glad that they released it, but just imagine what we will have to go through to get the Evo 3d kernel source code? HTC, please wake up and see that being able to customize our devices is, in most part, why we buy your phones. (And they look okay). This is not iDroid!

  • http://www.geekcyclopedia.com GeekCyclopedia

    When Google decided to keep the source code for honeycomb closed source, its a welcome move by HTC. Its right that the ability to customize is very important for us geeks!

  • Just Saying

    Well HTC and VZ just increased their sales of the Thunderbolt. Because more people will be purchasing the Thunderbolt, more people will see it in hands and talk about this mobile. Even if you are not a developer or modder, any person hearing you rave about the Thunderbolt, will want to buy it to use as-is. Nothing sells mobiles more than satisfied end-users holding the mobile.
    I unfortunately do not have a good VZ signal in my home area, therefore I will be skipping this mobile.

  • L boogie

    Htc just gave me one more reason to keep buying my android products from them

  • http://urmom.com urdone

    Yay how long til we see an official cyanogen ?