One of the most popular Android games, Angry Birds Seasons, by everyone's favorite developer Rovio Mobile went on a 1-day sale today as the free premium app of the day over at the Amazon Appstore. The only difference between the already-free version of the same name and this one is the absence of those annoying ads that pop up in the most ridiculous locations at the most inopportune times.

To grab Angry Birds Seasons that currently consists of 4 editions (St Patrick's Day, Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day), proceed to the Angry Birds Season Appstore page. As always, you will need a U.S.-based Amazon account - Amazon hasn't announced plans for expanding into other countries just yet (although there is a workaround).


Source: Angry Birds Season

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  • Arpit

    Amazon app store sucks.. its like monopoly policy of Apple.

    I love Android market as its open to all the masses without being biased on location.

  • IAmTheK

    Hmmm.. You'd think the Amazon App Store was actually Angry Birds App Store. I love Angry Birds but my, this is getting a bit too much. Angry Wash maybe? Not that I'm bitter @ all considering I'm in the UK and cant legitimately get access to these apps.

  • Timothy

    Hrm. How do you get the amazon appstore? Is it free to dl? ...as long as you have an account & live in the states?

    • Michael

      Yes the Amazon Appstore is free. You can get it at http://www.amazon.com/appstore. At the website go to "Get Started" and enter your email. You'll receive a link to download the Appstore by email. Hope this solves your question.

  • DH

    So I wonder - if you download the ad-free Angry Birds Seasons to replace the one currently on your phone that HAS ads - will it save your current level status, or overwrite it?

    • Matt

      It saves it. Confirmed it myself. It will prompt you to uninstall the Market version and replace it with Amazon's version, but all data remains!

    • Michael

      Yes it saves all previous data. It tells you before you install it.

  • http://www.geekcyclopedia.com GeekCyclopedia

    Unfortunately I don't have a US based account. Any alternative way to get it?

  • Adam

    That's cool that its ad-free and all, but I would guess most Android owners who like Angry Birds have long since plowed through Angry Birds: Seasons.

    No complaints here, but hopefully tomorrow is something new :)

  • Lis

    Tough choice:

    Ads within the app vs. dependency on keeping Amazon's appstore installed...