You might want to take a seat for this one: an early Gingerbread build has leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S I9000, and is now available for download. The file first landed in the hands of one Tricky103, and shortly thereafter was downloaded from Samsung's internal database and uploaded to a public mirror courtesy of iammodo.

Installation instructions are virtually non-existent in the post, so you should probably know your way around modding already before attempting this (update) turns out installation instructions aren't there because it's super simple: just use the three button combo to flash the new ROM. Beware, though, as rumor has it that Samsung is moving towards locked bootloaders, and so our gracious leakers have provided two versions of the ROM. The first comes with, and the second without, the bootloader. About all the further details they provide:

Flash with out pit and with no repartition, or with any pit and repartition if you want to change pit.

Upload works VOL up+Power+Home
download work VOL down+Power+Home


They've mirrored the files to MultiUpload; you can click here to download the version with bootloader, or here for the version without. Beyond that, details are incredibly light at the moment. I've gone through the first 20 pages of the thread and aside from ultra-brief (1-2 sentence) follow-up posts from iammodo, there isn't much to this yet (as far as details, installation instructions, etc.) that I've found.

If you take the dive (and at this point, I'd again stress that you shouldn't unless you know what you're doing), let us know how it goes. If you spot detailed instructions, more pictures, details, and so on, feel free to drop us a comment line below (and a source link, if applicable), and we'll update accordingly.

As always, any questions about installation or other requests for support should be directed to the source thread, as they're far more capable of helping.

[Source: XDA Developers]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Mark

    This is an official rom, flashing with or without SBL gives the same result. It does not require a rooted device to flash, just the 3button combo which should be on all devices for safety.

    Running fine, nice battery use feature added.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Thank you sir, you're a gentleman and a scholar. Post has been updated!

    • Jubei

      I never managed to get the 3button combo to work for me though!

      • ru12

        from my understanding is that your phone has to be rooted.

        • Mister M

          NO you do not have to be rooted to acces either recovery or download.
          Some phones (gt-i9000) have blocked access to 3button combo that let you access download or recovery.
          It can be fixed with a jig plug in cable go to the xda galaxy s (gt-i9000) section and see for yourself .


  • TT

    Anybody know if this will work with SGH-T959 (T-mobile vibrant in the U.S.)

    • ru12

      Yes. in fact you can find "official" link on the XDA forums.

      • Aaron Gingrich

        Do you have a link to the one that's specific to the Vibrant? I didn't see anything of it, and I definitely wouldn't try to flash this one onto anything other than an I9000.

        • ru12

          Yes you are right, i was wrong it is for the I9000 i click the link and its sent me over to the i9000 section my bad.

  • ken mckean

    Any chance of this working on the Galaxy Tab7?

    • Mister M

      Nope this is for the phone not the tab
      Galaxy Tab i a whole different thing. besides Ginger is rolling out soon for a tab

      • ken mckean

        Thanks for the response-appreciated!

  • jesper

    Can't be long until it's official release. Can't bloody wait! :)

  • ru12

    Yes. in fact you can find the "official"
    link on the XDA forum.

  • Larua

    Will this work on a Optimus T?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      No, ROMs are phone-specific. That's why the root for the 3G XOOM bricks the Wi-Fi XOOM.

  • is there any bug?

  • saber

    When 2.3 rom leaking for galaxy fit
    pls excuse me if i have wrong in my sentences i am an iranian my english is not good pls send mail to me about my question

  • saber

    When 2.3 rom leaking for galaxy fit
    pls excuse me if i have wrong in my sentences i am an iranian pls send mail to me about my question