That's right folks - CyanogenMod7 RC3 is up for grabs, and we'll be posting the devices it's available for as they come in. Here's the links we have so far:

We'll keep this list updated as more devices are added.

David Ruddock
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  • cowgaR

    wow, they slimmed it down quite substantially, almost 4MB in size compared to previous nightly builds, I wonder what was thrown out...
    having tried CM one will never buy a phone that simply isn't CM certified or has its "hope" in the future ;-)
    e.g. I was thinking about jumping to tegra2 dual core, but having 2.3.3 right now (CM7) with 1.5GHz overclocked Desire Z(G2) I can't see _any_ advantage a new phone would bring to me, but I can see around tens of disadvantages a bloated-not-supported-stock-locked-vendor-specific-infantileGUI-version of any new phone would posses, compared to CM7
    CyanogenMod is the best thing that happened to Android, and is being noticed even by appz developers - I laught when I saw CM mentioned in current Opera Mobile 11 changelog (simply the best android browser - no comparison) and in changelogs of some other applications as well...

    I just wish they would switch to LauncherPro instead but that's an easy remedy to do it by myself...

  • DrM

    Well, I can see an advantage for an overclocked Pyramid over a battered old Nokia N96 :)

  • mrchipdouglas

    uhhhh i dont see evo on here? but i found it here for those evo fans out there - need to check rom manager to see if it's there too:


    stop slacking, android police!

  • Dave

    evo just got released. I am d/ling as we speak. Not too much of a difference since the last nightly but flashing here I come. <3 #teamwin

  • mrchipdouglas

    where did you download it from? it's not in rom manager and the link is dead from the link i sent? i need!

  • Dave
    • moose09876

      Thank you!!!! Teamdouche's is broken, and I wanted to do the GPS fix before I flashed a new ROM. You're my hero of the hour!

  • EdBoyWW

    You can add Legend.

  • Caleb B

    As well as Desire GSM.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/thegreenjacket rhY

    What about the HTC Magic? Where do I get a new rom for my old mytouch 3g?

  • moises1204

    is any body having issues with data, my evo can not connet to the internet?