TeamBlackHat has publicly released a leaked official Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) software update build for the Motorola DROID X. To install the update, you must have the DROID X Bootstrapper by Koush. Instructions and download links below:

Installing Firmware
1. Download this file from the TBH app or one of the mirrors below
2. Use Bootstrap to get your phone into recovery.
3. Create a backup (This is not compatible with new firmware)
4. Install the Firmware using recovery

In Recovery:

1. select install zip from sdcard
2. choose zip from sdcard
3. navigate to teamblackhat folder
4. select the file you downloaded

5. restart phone

If your phone bootloops you need to enter recovery and wipe data:
1. hold down power and home.
2. when you see the triangle hold down both volume buttons
3. select wipe data/factory reset ---press power button to select
4, reboot system


David Ruddock
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  • http://www.sethgoldstein.net Seth

    Does this mean the official Gingerbread lis right around the corner?

    • David Ruddock

      Probably - there was speculation it would come today (obviously didn't), and there's also been some rumblings it might be delayed.

      So generally, we don't know when it's coming, but "soon" is a good guess.

  • mkiller82

    @P3Droid "and to other websites, don't steal MDW links, link them to the thread to download, don't be a smuck @androidpolice"
    32 minutes ago via web

    • johnclevenger

      Yeah, stealing links is wrong jerks. Buying and subsequently monetizing stolen firmware, on the other hand, is perfectly fine.

  • Amir

    Since droid and milestone both are the same ones except the name in different countries. Will this work on Milestone as well ?

  • Sam

    Does zroot work yet for this?

    • David Ruddock

      No root has yet been achieved.

  • tojie

    After i update always Rebooting and always freezing

    • Troy

      Same annoying issue here :{!! Removing the sd card fixed it!

  • John

    Im new to this, does droid x need to b rooted to get this unofficial offical 2.3??

  • HN

    none of the mirrors work.. any ideas? HELP

  • http://diddy.com droidpro

    HN, did you find a new mirror?

  • http://www.boundlesstechnical.com/ Christina

    Nice, but I can't get the mirror to work either. Any chance at a new one?

  • Tye Medley

    installed looks good now cant get back into recovery mode any idea wats wrong

    • sargentt

      Having same recovery problem does anyone have a fix?