Without taking a break from yesterday's free Shazam Encore deal, Amazon is continuing its daily giveaway of awesome premium Android apps with another one of our favorites - SwiftKey Keyboard.

SwiftKey normally costs $1.99 in the Android Market ($1.79 in the Amazon Appstore), but for the next 24 hours, U.S. residents will be able to download it to their Digital Lockers for free, thereby claiming it forever. Even if you are not a fan of SwiftKey just yet, there is no reason to pass on this deal if you can get it - just do it now, then think and decide later.

Users outside the United States are, unfortunately, not yet eligible for the Amazon Appstore - we've reached out to Amazon for an official statement, but have yet to receive a response from their PR team. Hang tight, everyone - you'll get there eventually!

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Source: Amazon Appstore

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  • anthony heron

    It sucks being in the uk knowing that I am missing out on great deals such as this that will likely not be repeated. Get your finger out Amazon and get it over to the uk

    • http://www.swiftkey.net/ Joe Braidwood

      Anthony - we make SwiftKey and we are based in the UK. We'll be sure to roll out a similar deal in the UK as and when Amazon launch (so long as they approve!). Thanks.

      • John J

        Vendor support, nice!

        For those outside the US, there are a few threads popping up on XDA about ways to spoof your address. Just look for threads labeled "Use Amazon AppStore outside US".


      • Dan

        hopefully when amazon goes uk it will go to australia and other countries simultaneously but im not holding my breath. Serious oversight on Amazons behalf IMO

      • anthony heron

        Wow that's great news. I will be sure to pick it up when the store is active in the uk

  • Vivek Mishra

    Duh, why not in india? It sucks!

  • muwahhid

    I'm in the UK and got angrybbirda Rio and shazam and swiftkey

  • Funkmon

    Finally! I get to try out Swiftkey for a proper amount of time!

  • Adam

    It's nice, but it sucks having to choose between this and swiping. I'm not sure which one I enjoy using more.

  • Raptor007

    Pretty cool. I do like the free app a day, I would need to see many more devs supporting Amazon's App Store before I would go full on. Still its a solid start.

  • Scooter

    I've been using the stock keyboard on my Evo. I tried swype for a bit, but couldn't get used to it. Been using SwiftKey for about 5 minutes now, and I think I'm in love. Thanks, Amazon, for the great free apps (and, extra special thanks to the devs!)

  • Pamster

    I've been using Shape Writer on my Evo but thought I'd give this a try considering the price was right and I think I might like it better. SW doesn't anticipate at all. It's fascinating, but this may be faster. I'm going to give it a try.

    LOL. It did change "Evo" above to ego.

  • Tyler

    got this yesterday.. its decent