One of the most exciting announcements of this week was, without a doubt, the unveiling of the 2 new super-slim Galaxy Tabs, the 8.9 and the 10.1, at the CTIA Wireless conference in Orlando.

If you followed our live blog from the event, you may have already seen the new Tabs in their on state (none of the new Tabs could be turned on at the event), but still images can only tell half of the story.

The other half can now be seen in the full video of the event that Samsung posted on YouTube, complete with some pretty awful sound. Well, 2 videos, actually - the highlights for the busy ones among us and the whole 9 yards for the really curious. The slim lines, specs and details, the Live Panel UI, TouchWiz 4.0, Mini Apps Tray, Social Hub with integrated messaging, Readers Hub, Music Hub, enterprise features - they're all there for your eyes to feast on.

Full event:


Source: SAMSUNGmobile

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