Droid-Life has just confirmed what Justin's been hearing: that Verizon's network is having issues. Apparently both 3G and 4G are affected, and Thunderbolt activations are also reportedly being held up. No word on what the issue is or what areas are affected, but Droid-Life has asked readers who are experiencing issues to drop a line with the details in the comments, so that would be a good place to check.

Justin Case and TeamAndIRC have been fielding complaints/accusations/questions from angry rooted Thunderbolt owners who think their root method may be to blame. Don't worry - that's not the case; your rooted Tbolt has nothing do with it. It's simply a network issue that should (hopefully) be fixed in short order.

[Source: Droid-Life]

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  • Stewart

    Well Yesterday 3/23/2011 I had no 4G service and little 3G service, got Home and my WiFi service link to my ThunderBolt was excellent! work like champ. I'm getting 3g and little 4G service today.

    I understand that Android 2.2.1 has bug in OS that will not allow it connect to enterprise wireless cisco WAP.

  • jacobk

    ive had terrible 3g/4g service today and yet my battery life still sucks :(. starting to come around on the idea that i might have to return this but ill give it through the weekend

    • Kane

      I think if anything, it would be worse in this situation because it has to constantly try harder to get signal. You have the best battery life when you have the best signal, not the other way around.

    • lostsync

      Kane is right. Stronger signal = Longer battery. I would suggest disabling mobile data altogether until this gets sorted out if battery life takes priority over your 3/4G being always-on.

  • DjCode538

    Having issues since November 4, 2010 in San Francisco. 3G has gone out on me at least 4 times since then. Last night it went out again. Cancelled one phone already cause 3G was so bad and super slow. About to cancel my 3G usb modem and go DSL hardline. Current Android phone gets 3G speeds slower then a dial up modem. I'm hope Verizon gets this fixed soon! Until then it's just one device instead of three.

  • Jim

    no 3g in east hartford connecticut 3/25/2011 8:56 am

  • gemro311

    I have been experiencing 3g issues here in the Raleigh, NC for several weeks. Using. 2 rooted Eris . Don't think its phone related . Hope this not a sign of things to come

  • Elizabeth

    No network connection in Pennington, NJ tonight. Tbolt was working fine the last two days, but only 3G. Today, very slow 3G and occasionally 4G LTE but now completely down, no network connection at all for the last hour.

    Has anyone else experienced an outage tonight?

    • Tracy

      I'm in san Diego, ca and have been going between 4g and 1x for a couple days but for the last few hours I've been stuck on 1x. For some reason HTC phones (at least my TBolt) don't like to talk to linksys routers so I can't even use wireless. Grrr.

  • Danielle

    I got the Thunderbolt around noon 3/25 and 3G hasn't worked since 4:00 that day. Only time I can connect to the internet with it is when I'm near a WiFi connection. Ridiculous.

  • Luke

    Mine will work occasionally but only after hitting the check box and/or restarting the phone. It seems like if you lose the 4G connection, it loses everything. Hoping this gets fixed soon. It will also get hung up on "turning on . . ." on the network connection sometimes as well

  • mad at you verizon

    I thought it was my root. Good to hear it is Verizon's end. Damn Verizon fix this crap. My damn business is being affected by your crap.

  • antonio lemus

    I'm from Cincinnati my internet goes on and off I thought it was cuz I root my thunderbolt but I went back to factory settings and I'm still having the same problem its been 24 hours without internet

  • Tony Nguyen

    I am still getting drop internet network from my Thunderbolt. The network been on and off since 3 weeks ago. It's still very slow speed right now. Very frustrated... I am from Long Beach, CA. Do something Verizon or else I will move to another cell phone service.

  • Bob C

    I've had issues since day one in both 3g and 4g areas. Verizon had me do a factory reset with no joy. I'll get the network for about ten minutes then off and on about every 3 or 4 minutes. No network for 10-30 seconds then re-connnect. Verizon is sending me a new phone and sim card but was told there is no difference or upgrade to the phone from what I currently have. Is the iPhone reporting the same issue?

  • Bob C

    I travel to areas with 4g and the problems multiply. Going from 4g to 1x to nothing to 3g. Frustrating to say the least.

  • Michelle

    I live in TN and currently I have no 3/4G services on my Thunderbolt. (6-2-2011) I contacted Verizon with no resolve only to use WiFi or receive a replacement phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ShinobiPhoenix Cody Shiranai

    I live in Columbus, Ohio and I was DEFINITELY having outage problems, I was still on 3G with a few losses of contact there, but my 4G was off most of the day, it is back on now.  I honestly thought it was the weather because it was the first hot day in a long time.  I guess now after reading this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ShinobiPhoenix Cody Shiranai

    BTW-- I'm not on the Thunderbolt, I have the HTC ReZound