Yesterday at CTIA, Samsung unveiled its revamped Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the all-new Galaxy Tab 8.9 (check out our live coverage of the event). Unfortunately, that's about all Samsung did with them - neither was ever powered on. Samsung's CTIA exhibit housed the new devices in glass security cases (as you can see below), while early "prototypes" of the 8.9 and 10.1 running Honeycomb with Samsung's TouchWiz 4.0 overlay were available for hands-on time, in order to demonstrate some of the software the company plans to include when the devices are released.

Why no demonstrations of the thinner, lighter, sexier Tabs? It's difficult to say, but we're speculating there are two possibilities: that the new hardware isn't actually complete yet (eg, the units on stage and in the cases are weighted dummy shells), or that the software is not in a state that Samsung feels safe demonstrating.

Given that Samsung was perfectly happy to let CTIA-goers play with its Tab 8.9 and 10.1 prototypes running Honeycomb with Touchwiz, the latter seems less likely to me, personally. Particularly because there's one piece of interesting information that may bring credence to the hardware theory: the Tabs' CPUs.

The original Tab 10.1 was a Tegra 2-powered device. As we know, Samsung also has a dual-core chip of its own: the Exynos 4210 (formerly known as "Orion"). If Samsung has decided to swap the Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip (which is decidedly less modular and more bulky than most mobile chips) for its own solution, then they've essentially gone back to the drawing board and built an entirely new device. That sort of change in direction doesn't happen in a month.

Either way, the Tab 8.9 and 10.1 are both very impressive devices to behold, and we'll be as excited as anyone when June rolls around to get our hands on the larger of Samsung's new tablets. The Tab 10.1 will be available in Wi-Fi only form on June 8th, $499 for the 16GB version, and $599 for the 32GB. The Tab 8.9 will be available later this summer with the same memory options, at $469 and $569, respectively.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Chris

    TouchWiz? Noooooooooooo. Xoom looks more and more like what I'm going to buy when it comes out for the UK.

    • Nathan

      it does have touchwiz, but for the tablet it's actually an improvement mostly. The new home screen and included apps are well worth it.

      And ontop of that, it's pretty much a guarantee that once AOSP honeycomb is released it will get a pure port.

      Looking forward to picking up the 8.9. Just hope early summer means june as well. (my birthday ftw lol)

    • JediMasterASD

      Also keep in mind Samsung has said that the Tablets will ship with stock honeycomb and the Touchwiz OPTIONAL update will come later.

      I for one and very interested in the 16GB 8.9" wifi Galaxy Tab for $469 and keeping it stock!!

      • Hooman

        now that makes it even more difficult for me, I already pre-ordered a Xoom, only because it has pure Android on it, but if what you said is true, I have to rethink my decision. I like to have ether 10.1" or 8.9" tab ( the size doesn't matter for me) but the price matter if I can get 16GB tab for a cheaper price, I'm up for it. but still you have to pay a few extra bucks for a HDMI adaptor!!!
        I think I stay with Xoom till they tell us about their CPU and then I'll decide hopefully all that happens before they ship Xoom.

    • Jon Garrett

      touchwiz is an optional download from all the news Ive been reading.

  • Hooman

    hey BTW here is the another Article about Galaxy Tabs ... I think you don't have a choice it is Touchwiz pre-installed, you can't get rid of it:

  • Tyler

    I cant seam to find a solid answer does it have sAMOLED plus?

    • David Ruddock

      No. It will have some alternative screen tech (probably LCD of some kind).

      • Tyler

        Thanks dude.. ive been going crazy trying to get a straight answer. lol

    • http://www.droidsector.com Jeff

      It will have PLS screen, sAMOLED of this size will probably cost a lot:

  • Bluevoodo

    Why no amoled+, Sammy? Or 100.00 for amoled option, think about it?

  • amdroid fan

    the tabs come with PLS LCD technology which samsung was developing and its better than the IPS LCD on the ipad's


  • Joel V

    The Samsung Galaxy Tablet looks beautiful. I can't wait to get my hands on one! As soon as I get one, I am going to be downloading the DISH Remote Access app. This app works in sync with my 922 SlingLoaded receiver so that I can stream live TV and my recordings to my tablet. As a customer and employee of DISH Network, I have been using the app for a while. I think it will be perfect for the 10.1 inch tablet. I hope that summer comes fast so that I can finally get one of these amazing tablets! Good job Samsung!

  • Ames

    Will the tab 8.9 have sim card access and sd card port?