Last Updated: March 23rd, 2011

Today it has been apparently confirmed that the name will be Droid Charge (not that we ever doubted the original sources). Engadget has obtained the following image, which clearly shows the name of the phone from what appears to be an unknown retailer's internal system:


Have you been itching to get onto Verizon's speedy LTE network but just aren't sure that the HTC Thunderbolt is the right phone for you? New options are likely just around the corner, as more details are surfacing for what will be the second or third LTE smartphone on Big Red. The Samsung handset formerly referred to as the Droid Stealth will be released as the Droid Charge - and, if a leaked internal document from Costco is correct, it will be launching on April 7.

The Costco leak shows pre-orders for the phone starting this Thursday, March 24, with the official launch two weeks after that, on April 7. Droid Life has reported that multiple trusted sources confirm the name Droid Charge will be the branding on the LTE phone, which sports a 4.3" super AMOLED screen, 1GHz Hummingbird processor and an 8MP rear camera with a 1.3MP front-facing cam.


So for those of you foaming at the mouth to jump on what is easily the fastest network in the US, does this change your feelings about the Thunderbolt, or are you still on board with HTC's initial offering? ... or perhaps the Droid Bionic (also likely to release soon) will be your cup of tea? Be sure to let us know below.

Source: Droid Life, Android Central and Engadget

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  • qwirked

    My thunderbolt is already fully rooted and the bootloader is signed/unlocked less than 5 days after buying it.. Based on how the Galaxy S phones have gone? yeah I'm good.

    P.s. My gps works
    P.s.s. My phone stays on all day unless I turn it off.
    p.s.s.s I'm eagerly awaiting CM7.

    • FX111

      How is the battery life on it? I'm planing on picking up two in late May and the battery life is really the only thing that I'm somewhat concerned about.

      Thank you in advance

      • Qwirked

        It will last all day depending on how you use it. I'm not in a 4G area however so I don't know what that does to battery life. I did go ahead and order the 1600 mAh seido batter to help out a little anyway.
        In short it's not great but it is workable. Until I get cm7 on it I'm using batter indicator pro to help monitor usage since it supports 1% increments.

  • http://AndroidTaskForce.com Chris G

    Correction. Samsung's First Verizon LTE smartphone... Samsung's First LTE smartphone went to MetroPCS last month. The Samsung Galaxy Induldge. http://goo.gl/Jwk1K

    • DrE

      I was just going to say that..how come this website never mentions any of the metropcs android phones?

  • annoynamous

    Come on really? Why make a samsung LTE phone when the fascinate still hasn't got it's froyo update yet? SCREW YOU VERIZON NOBODY LIKES YOU!!!

  • Zacj

    Samsung phone hahahaha no update til next year no thanks...

  • Komet

    I'm a Fascinate owner, the wait for Froyo has been ridiculous. Are we to believe that a bunch of what are essentially hobbyists at XDA are better at updating a phone than a mega-resource worldwide company? Unfortunately the facts point to yes they are. That doesn't build confidence in Samsung at all.

    At this point I whould have to think long and hard before I would buy another Samsung device.

  • Ron H in Schenectady

    I had the Galaxy Tab. I'll never get another Samsung device again. I now have the Droid Pro. I'll never get another Moto device again. I had the HTC Incredible, which I sold when I got the Droid Pro. The Incredible was, simply, incredible. I'm going back to HTC with the T-Bolt. Now if they only come up with a 1-click rooting solution soon for it, I'll be thrilled.

  • Fulaman

    Samsung Fascinate owner here as well, as a matter of fact, I'm using it to write this post right now. It is extremely frustrating that Verizon and Samsung have yet to release a froyo update for this phone. The specs on this new phone aren't that impressive either. It uses the same processor as the fascinate (hummingbird, no dual-core for some reason). The only changes are a slightly larger screen, a front-facing camera, and apparently an 8 mp camera. You also get access to LTE speeds. Other than that, they are the exact same phone.

  • RF

    Alex Hussein sucks

  • rrosales

    Wonder why they still coming out with single cores when dual core is around the corner. I mean this phone is practically the same as the fascinate except with 2.2.

  • http://swager123.blogspot.com/ Jason

    Looks like a good phone but they should have included a dual core processor.