If there is one thing I love buying, it's Android t-shirts (in fact, our own apparel store has close to 30 designs alone, most of which I own). The number of them in my closet goes well into double digits, and even though it is going to literally explode soon, I can't idly sit around and ignore the awesomeness that showed up at RIPT Apparel today - "Famous Androids."

The daily t-shirt deal shows a unique design every day, costs $10, and then goes away forever, unless the author lists it elsewhere. At the time of this writing, about 12 hours are still left, so hurry before it disappears.

Robocop, Krang from TMNT, R2-D2, Terminator, Storm Trooper, Optimus Prime, Megaman, and is that the evil Bender? Who can name them all?


Famous Androids

Source: RIPT

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Kane

    Picked one up - $12.95 shipped.

    The top right one looks like Peter Griffin when he's wearing a woman's dress. Haha.

  • Nathan

    don't know them all but i'll do my best.

    Top row:
    ??? / Marvin from Hitchhikers Guide / blade runner android, i think....
    Second row:
    Bender / terminator / Krang
    Third row
    Astro Boy / G1 Optimus Prime / Dalek (dr. who)
    Fourth Row
    Mega Man / R2D2 / robocop

    • Rob

      Top left is Mazinger

  • the Goat

    Bender is the evil one by default. Flexo is the good twin.

  • Zed Zee

    Is there a UK web site to get them from or do they ship worldwide?