It looks like some juicy info is already coming out of CTIA, as Pocketnow managed to snap some photos of a promotional display that Samsung already has set up. The display shows many details for the yet-to-be-announced Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, answering many questions that have been buzzing around the tech blogs for weeks - and showing us the first custom UI to be laid on top of Honeycomb.

The tab will, of course, sport an 8.9" (diagonally-measured) display, attempting to strike a happy balance between the 7" and 10" slates. It will have 1280 x 800 resolution (making for a higher PPI ratio than the XOOM, which sports the same resolution on a 10.1" display) with a dual-core 1GHz processor. It will weigh 470g and will be 8.6mm thick (a little higher than the recent estimate of one of our tipsters).


Perhaps most interestingly, though, is that Samsung will paste its own UI over Honeycomb. "Live Panel" will be incorporated into Android 3.0, and should completely change the look from AOSP Honeycomb. As you can see in the images below, it includes Samsung's own take on app-switching - showing live previews of each open application.


With the accompanied slogan "More Possibilities to be Professional," Samsung appears to be going for a business angle with this slate. Perhaps HTC should be even more concerned about the Flyer, as we will certainly take the Galaxy Tab 8.9's dual-core processor, Honeycomb, and nice display over HTC's upcoming 7 " tablet (which is also aimed at professionals).

So does this sound like the ideal tab for you? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Pocketnow via Samsung Hub

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  • http://mindmirror007.blogspot.com/p/home.html alchemist007

    Officially removed this tablet from my wish list! Thanks but no thanks for custom UIs, esp from Samsung!

    • Tyler

      amen.. same here.

    • Aaron

      I agree 100%.
      Samsung has officially removed themselves from my list of tablets to investigate.
      If these manufacturers create a need for a Google Nexus Tablet, I am going to be pissed (and then buy the Nexus).

  • Giorgis

    What, a custom interface and as a result never getting updates. If the Galaxy Tab get's honeycomb, then I might consider this one

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      You know, one thing I learned is that even if it's a stock OS, you can't count on the smartphone makers to update the OS.

      See, my Droid (original) is a Google experience phone. It's capable to run Gingerbread (as demonstrated by CM7), but there's no words from Motorola whether it will be updated. It doesn't take a genius to tell that the answer is a big NO -- it's just a matter of whether they will make up some laughable excuses not to do that.

  • Jaime Defeo

    I see they haven't learned ANYTHING.

  • http://mindmirror007.blogspot.com/p/home.html alchemist007

    And the fact that it is 8.6mm thick makes it the thinnest tablet yet? (iPad 2 is 8.8mm thick!)

  • Baley

    Hmm I'll pass the custom UI!

    Btw oddly enough as soon as I read the model number, it immediately remind me the Japan's recent earthquake. Maybe its just me though lol

    • ari-free

      Japan's earthquake was 9.0

  • ari-free

    Samsung has worked with cisco to bring VPN and that would be a killer feature in android tablets for professionals. However they don't have the n-trig stylus system which is essential for taking notes at corporate meetings and universities.

  • Ron

    Actually, although I once thought all Android devices should use stock I think Honeycomb is a terrible, dark, and confusing UI. Maybe Samsung can improve on it some.

  • Evan

    Great, I've always wanted the "availity" to see a variety of content at once. Shame about the custom UX. I was going to be an early adopter on this one, now i think i'll wait for the reviews and competitors to wash out.

  • Kenneth P

    Even though this is samsung and it has a custom UI lets not bag on it until we see it....or shows us how crappy it is which it probably will

  • Doug Fiedor

    I'm wondering if maybe the user can turn Sammy's UI off. Then it would be okay with me.

    Otherwise, I'll go as high as $300 for that tablet. Not a penny more, though. lol

  • http://dangerismymiddlename.com Paul Danger Kile

    I think that for most people "custom UI" = Samsung's-never-going-to-upgrade-it. There are rumors that Samsung expects the carriers to foot the upgrade bill. I can't see myself purchasing any new Android device in the near-to-medium future. That will change if someone commits to providing timely upgrades. I would even pay for that.

  • http://dangerismymiddlename.com Paul Danger Kile

    But this you-will-get-your-new-version-of-Android-when-we-hand-you-a-new-computer-at-contract-time business model sickens me. Imagine what people would do if Microsoft did this with Windows. The angry mob would grab their torches and pitchforks. This is supposed to be OK if your OS is Android? FAIL

  • Matt W

    Well, I hope there's more information on how they think this is better than stock Honeycomb, because their stuff about the home screen features looks like what the normal one can do to me...

    I might consider it if it's rooted and there's a good custom ROM for it, but I have little patience for manufacturer overlays. I wouldn't want to stop them doing it entirely, but I wish they'd only do it where it's actually better and not just different.