Historically (and generally speaking), Archos' tablet offerings have failed to impress. That may all be about to change, though: the company has unofficially revealed some details about their upcoming Gen 9 tablet, and at least on paper, it looks like quite a doozy.


The Gen 9 will be powered by a 1.6GHz ARM A9 CPU, which is the same underlying processor used in the Apple A5 (iPad 2) CPU, as well as Nvidia's Tegra 2 and upcoming Kal-El CPUs, among others. Apparently the tablet will also come packing up to a 250 GB HD - an awful lot of storage. A 3G radio will also be present and accounted for (although there will likely be a Wi-Fi only model, as well). Most importantly to dedicated Android fans, we'll find the tablet running Honeycomb and with full Market support - something previous Archos tablets have had issues with.

The Gen 9 is slated (pun intended) to land sometime in June with a €400 price-tag.

[Source: Journal du Geek via Engadget]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Yorick

    Hrm... the slide clearly states that the price of a 250GB HDD equals that of 32GB of flash memory. The tablet will not come with both, that would be silly and more expensive, as the slide makes clear. Instead, it will come with only the 250GB HDD.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Right you are. I read the "=" in the slide as a "+" somehow. Whoopsie =\.

      Thanks for the correction, Yorick :)

  • Nathan

    wow. this is pretty impressive from Archos. Looking forward to hear about a US price range.

  • Raphael

    Unfortunately, all we keep seeing from Android tablets are specs. Where are the killer apps????No netflix, no hulu. When will people realize that the average customer does not care about specs. When will android have apps like Zite and Flipboard? Hopefully we will hear more about tablet optimized apps at Google io. I love android but I still cant recommend and android tablets over the ipad/ipad2.

    • ari-free

      When will ipad2 have apps like Flash?

      • The_Omega_Man

        Touche! Hahaha!

      • Raphael

        Flash vs 65000 tablet apps....I'll take the apps. I have used the ipad 2 and did not miss flash (there are also alternate browsers and work-arounds)

        • chris

          Out of interest, how many of those 65,000 tablet apps do you use?

          I only have a few apps from the market on my phone, simply because I don't need any more.

          Flash on the other hand, is a big part of the internet. Doesn't matter that Steve Jobs doesn't like adobe, if Apple were half as cool, and cared half as much about their customers as they make out, Flash would have been an option from day one.

          65,000 is a big, impressive number, but are most of those apps genuinely useful?

          My issue is not with iOS, or the iPhone, or the iPad, but with the fact that one man thinks he knows what is best for everyone.

        • ari-free

          When my mom got an ipod touch, it took only 5 minutes for her to realize there was no flash.
          Flash is part of the web and browsing is what most people do most of the time. The web experience on an ipad2 is broken. That's more fundamental than missing an ipad app for counting crochet needles. It's not as if the ipad had Microsoft Office and Photoshop. You know, real apps.

  • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

    Archos has no power over Netflix and Hulu for them to make and Android compatible version of their product. And Archos isn't only targeting the US market. I don't really care about Hulu as it is not available over here anyway. At least I can use Flash on other websites like my cable provider which offer all my channel over a Flash stream.

    • Raphael

      My issue is not really with Archos but the state of android in general specific to the US tablet market. I just want to see software to follow all the awesome hardware we keep seeing.

      • pete

        This post is about the upcoming archos tablet... this has absolutely nothing to do with what apps that are available for differerent OS's. please keep to the subject.

        • Eric

          What, don't you know? AP has been infested with iOS fanboys that seem to think every third article is an opportunity to inject iOS into the midst of things.

        • Raphael

          Please read my original comments. How is your post related to the subject???

    • The_Omega_Man

      It has been reported that Netflix is coming as is Hulu. Stay tuned.

      • Raphael

        I know and there's currently a work around with playon. Just sucks they are working on releasing it on specific devices rather than for the OS. Hopefully google will fix that in the near future

  • http://trueacu.com acupunc

    I just got done doing some research into this very topic when the article came through my reader.

    The bad news I kept reading about is, Archos hasn't don't that great of a job at integrating Android and their hardware--no market & lacking google apps. They haven't been that great at updating the Android OS for their devices. And finally, they seem to use some pretty bad screens and Android is often very laggy on their stuff.

    Curious to hear form anyone that has used their devices on these issues as to how true they really are.

    • mike i

      took less than 5 minutes to google, download and install Android Market on the Archos 70 I have. my wife uses as it an ereader mostly, I use it to surf web (with flash), movies, apps and games. I have no complaints given it was only $275.

    • Eric

      The archos tablets didn't seem to be any laggier than the samsung tab. They don't do a great job of updating though and have in the past used some bad screens. Hey, you pay for a cheap tablet. They have to cut corners to get there.

  • Lucian Armasu

    Don't say it's the *same* CPU, when A5 has 900 Mhz cores, Tegra 2 1000 Mhz, Tegra 3 1500 Mhz and Archos' CPU 1600 Mhz cores. I know what you meant to say, but saying it like you did confuses people who don't know the specifics of each chip.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I agree the wording is (was) a bit weak. I struggled with it while writing, and this was the best I could think of. I changed it to "same underlying processor used in..." Better?

  • Namuna

    What about the screen?

    The CPU is only 1/2 the picture... If it doesn't have a proper screen to go with it, then you could throw an i7 in there and I still wouldn't be as interested.

    • eTiMaGo

      Yes I have a current Archos 101 and while it's pretty decent (especially for the price), the screen is one big letdown, viewing angles really narrow...

  • Eric

    For anyone interested, here is the PDF of the presentation


  • http://www.tabletreviews.in Nisha Stephy

    You have been making me confused again. Is there anybody who had used a tablet more than a couple of months? Being a freelance writer myself, the only thing that bothers me is that ""TOUCH KEYPAD"" Will it be okay it type that fast on TP?

  • http://fikri.my Ahmad Fikrizaman

    Wow.. that was cool. We can make trollface to the ipad user.. Did you just say this june or next year? I`m very eager to get those one..

  • Me Myself

    I have used an archos 70 for almost 8 months now and i have nothing bad to say about it. Archos has provided numerous updates to the firmware and the device is very stable and responsive. I watch movies, surf, chat, play games, read comics and books. It is not a laptop replacement and I knew that going in. Whatever your interests, there's an app for that. The preinstalled applib market contains arctools which will enable the full android market - it's that easy. A custom launcher like Go launcher ex makes a big difference. While the screen is not IPS there is absolutely nothing wrong with it; why would you need a wide viewing angle on a 7" device? It's just for me.