Last Updated: May 4th, 2011

This contest is now over. We have selected the winners - see if you are one of them towards the bottom of the page.

If you've ever used your phone for notetaking, you've no doubt heard of Catch Notes, and its impressive stats in the Market (i.e. a 4.5-star average rating and over a million downloads) are a great representation of its overall quality. It's got many unique features - organization is done with geo-tagging and Twitter-like hash tags, and the app also offers great social capabilities as well as SSL encryption. Furthermore, its fit and finish are unrivaled. Have a look:

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And with the recently launched Catch Pro, the service got even better - the optional add-on brings 1GB of storage and greater attachment support (namely, compatibility with PDF, RTF, and Microsoft Office files). Regularly, Catch Pro costs $5/month or $45/year, but, as you may have already guessed, we've got a few free licenses to hand out.

And the two winners of 1-year upgrades are:

  1. Richard Busch
  2. Gilbert J

As for the 6-month upgrades, these are the lucky three:

  1. M Bayaa
  2. Cyrus
  3. Heidi

Emails have been dispatched notifying them of how to collect their winnings.

Thanks for playing!

In fact, we have three six-month subscriptions and two full 1-year prizes to give away. To enter, simply sign up for a free Catch account before leaving a comment below telling us why you think you should win. It can be any reason at all, so long as it’s related to Catch Notes and isn’t too long (remember, we have to sift through all of these). Also, when leaving your comment, please use the email address associated with your Catch account - we'll need it if you're one of the winners.

The giveaway starts immediately and runs until March 31, 11:59 p.m. PST.

Winners will be announced here and notified via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Good luck, everyone!

Jaroslav Stekl
Jaroslav Stekl is a tech enthusiast whose favorite gadgets almost always happen to be the latest Android devices. When he's not writing for Android Police, he's probably hiking, camping, or canoeing. He is also an aspiring coffee aficionado and an avid moviegoer.

  • Zepplin76

    This seems to have the functionality I need to sort out my life... from passwords/usernames to when I did what and where!

  • Gilbert J

    Take note: I should win because I'm a total catch.

  • Kelvin

    I think I can really use a subscription.
    I've always wanted to use my phone for notetaking, but never took the hassle to go through all the registration stuff needed on other notetaking apps, like evernote.

    Now I've recently started trying out Catch (actually, like 3-4 hours before this post) and am really liking the features and simple interface.
    I'd be very happy to be able to explore the Catch Pro features, if possible.

  • mengineer

    I've been using the free acct for a bit and it's great. Helps keep me on task with assignments and projects, but going in my sr yr then on to masters in mechanical engineering I hit the 70mb limit once already. Pro would ready help

  • http://twitter.com/thetaylorkirk Taylor

    I've been using catch for a little while and love it so much I've moved all of my notes from evernote to it. Also installed the chrome extension and have been using it to replace the "read later" service I've been using. It's nice to have just one app on my phone for what used to be seperated into 2 seperate apps.

  • Emmanuel

    Having catch notes is not just an app is a must have super app, i should win, cause I depend on it to have my life organize in a simple and beautiful interfase....

  • hmax17

    I think I deserve as I already had the Catch.com app, a notepad one, but had yet to get an account. This way I have been informed of all the capabilities that I had no idea it was able to do, so thanks for that! Also I'm a HUGE androidpolice fan! Thanks so much!

  • Steve1623

    I've been using this app for the last 3 months and it's great!! With the capability of reminders, voice notes, and pictures it goes over the top. I'm a sold fan and should get the win.

  • http://about.me/tomyu Tommy

    I've been using Catch notes for a really long time now. I've always loved it for its simplicity. Tried evernotes and others, but in the end, I still am sticking with Catch. It saved me in my complicated college life!

  • LoSesMC

    I've been using this app for quite a while, since it was 3banana, tried Springpad and Evernote, then came back for the simplicity on the website and the Android app.

  • Heidi

    I should win, because I'm about to reveal one of the best unknown features of Catch: if you accidentally move to another application, Catch has automatically saved your copy. Not so with other online note-taking applications (not that the other apps aren't as adorable). But as for me, I always find a little idiot-proofing a really handy thing.

  • Techy

    Whats the difference between this and Evernote? It looks like it does the same thing but with less features (phone sync > cloud > desktop and vice versa)

  • Nate

    I love catch! I use it to try and stay organized, but it definitely has it's limitations. I think my life would be so much better if i got the extra 1 gb of storage! I could keep so many notes and never forget anything again!

  • Daniel Angelillo

    I should win, because catch has my do to lists and grocey lists so I will not be able to buy food and I will starve if I don't win the free subscription, and you would have to live with that!

  • http://regionativo.com Jose Paez

    I started using Catch some time ago, regardless of the promotion I have to say: Catch is great, 2 examples: a week ago I was in at a GetMotivated! Seminar (You have got to see Mr. Colin Powell give you a speech, it is out of the ordinary) and a friend asked me for a spare pen, I had one and after using it he wanted to return it to me, I said "keep using it, don´t need it" while pointing at my N1 with Catch open and my notes in order; after the seminar my friend asked me about the app and he was impressed he wondered if there was an iPhone version for it (there is) so he downloaded it immediately, a few days later I was able to share the notes from the seminar with several folks real easy with pictures of the event and some audio notes; then, last weekend I was in a hotel in San Diego and had to go out real quick for a meeting, I needed some information I was looking at on the screen of the computer at the Lobby, no problem: open catch.com with my gmail account, paste the data and voila, its on my phone.

    Catch is really easy to use, allows to combine multiple media in a note and gather comments from people you share the note with (or simply keep track of what was said at a meeting after it happened, just like an issue tracker)

    And in case you don´t know, they have 2 more apps that work with Catch: the I Journal (a simple yet powerful journal app that stores your notes in, you guessed it: Catch), and the Health Tracker which enables a quick widget to keep track of your water, and fruit servings as well as the ammount of exercise you do, it keeps the data within catch and gives you a nice chart that you can save as an image... yes! within Catch!

    So, highly recommend Catch to everyone I see with a Smartphone. Good work guys.

  • http://www.thinairtrails.com Richard Busch

    Here's the catch: without this app I'm *horribly* disorganized! Think of mornings without coffee and you begin to grasp what I'm talking about!

  • lord jazz

    keep me out of the contest! there are two features i need in a notetaking app: a real to-do list with checked items and a corresponding widget/shortcut to put on the homescreens. i use color note but would like to upgrade to one of the big apps like catch and the elephant one with more features - but these key-features are missing!

    get me these features and maybe i will get me a pro account.

  • Cyrus

    It helps me get girls. When I need to remember some tips I've written down, I look at my phone. Works like a charm by making me charming.

  • M Bayaa

    No no, I should win. Because:

    Creativity that i have requires easy organization
    All my thoughts need an ssl-secure place to live
    Tags galore make finding my ideas easy
    Cool crisp clean design is easy on my eyes
    Here and there, i can geo-tag my experiences on the go

  • Moe

    I've used Catch Notes for about a year and as a college student, I can't imagine life w/o it: I no longer take physical notes, just whip out my G2 and and I'm good to go. Hashtags allow for organizing notes for each class per semester and online sync allows for editing and spell-checking as well as making it easier to study my notes

  • sebarkh

    One of the apps that you think you can live without, until you try it... Then it becomes one of your favorites.

  • Pamela

    I think I should be one of the lucky winners simply because I am a Virgo. As other Virgo's know, we are a bit anal retentive when it comes to organization. Catch completely caters to that OCD side of us, allowing us to bring a bit more organization into our lives.