sprint xoom

Just yesterday, we first heard word that Motorola may be launching versions of the XOOM (and the Atrix) on Sprint's network next month. Today it looks even more probable, as an image of a Sprint-branded XOOM has been posted by SprintUsers forum member r0fl.

The tablet looks identical to the Verizon model, aside from a Sprint logo. While something like this could easily be Photoshopped, keep in mind that the poster of the image "has a proven track record when it comes to unreleased Sprint hardware," according to BGR.

sprint xoom

As we had not even heard wind of this two days ago, nothing else is known at this point. One can speculate whether it will tote WiMax capabilities or not (we are guessing so) and whether Sprint will offer a more competitive price than Verizon's $600 on-contract/$800 off-contract (we're guessing not at first), but it would all be just that: guesswork.

Source: Sprintusers via BGR

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  • http://www.slipshft.com Slipshft

    While this is very cool, I am interested to see if the Atrix makes it over to Sprint (and if they will have it and the laptop dock for a reasonable price).

  • lokko21

    It's that a hard shell case..?? I'm looking for one, but nowhere to find. Anybody..

  • panic

    The Sprint logo looks a little fuzzy this might be photoshopped

  • Chopper Joe

    I hate this sort of analysis, but here goes: do a screen capture, import to your favorite graphics program, and turn gamma up to the max. There is definitely something "under" the Sprint logo but I have no idea what; it may indicate that it's authentic for all I know. Maybe someone knows.

    (To be honest, the upper right quad of the pic has a block that is quite a bit different than the rest of the photo and I'd guess it may well bephotoshopped.)