Flash Player 10.2 - Android Market

One of the more criticized features of the Motorola XOOM was its lack of Flash at launch. It was promised to be updated within a few weeks, and today Adobe has held true to its promise. While XOOM owners have been playing with a leaked version for a week now, the official update to bring Android's Adobe Flash Player up to 10.2 is now in the Market. The new version brings Flash support for dual-core and Honeycomb-running devices. This is the first time the Motorola XOOM can officially utilize Flash.

This does have a different version number from last week's leak (the Market update carries the number, compared to last week's so we would definitely recommend that XOOM-owners download the official release. You can update via the Market or check out the web links below.

flash update

Source: Android Market via DroidGamers and @simms22

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  • Mike

    Some sites, NHL specifically, have video that plays with just a bunch of lines and colors where the video should be in the the leaked 10.2, so I went back to 10.1. I don't want to upgrade to the official. 10.2 until I know that is fixed. Anyone want to watch some NHL highlights and respond to this post?