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A pretty wild (but completely plausible) rumor has arisen that Motorola's Atrix 4G phone (along with its Webtop dock) and XOOM tablet will be launching on Sprint's network next month. There had not previously been any indication that either of these phones would be tied to any network other than their current carriers (respectively) AT&T and Verizon.

This could potentially be announced at CTIA next week, but the source specifically said that the devices would be announced next month - so perhaps Sprint is focusing more on the EVO 3D for the time being. If true, these would likely serve as the biggest Android releases on Sprint since the original HTC EVO last summer. The source reports that a trusted informant with a history of accurate Sprint leaks reported the news.

Source: Android and Me

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  • Ismael

    They're just trying to keep me away from the HTC View, assuming it is the Flyer for Sprint.

  • http://www.slipshft.com Slipshft

    That would help me to switch...

  • Ax

    Sprint's rollin'.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Sprint will rule all carriers in 2011 with there overall Android lineup