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Ah, the arrogance of Cupertino. Does it know no bounds? In Apple's latest attempt to frame their iPhone as being the obviously superior choice over Android, a new series of ads start with "If you don't have an iPhone... ". They then proceed to boast about features that are on both iOS and Android, using their typical clever wordplay to convince the less-knowledgeable that you can only get these features on an iPhone.

The first ad starts with:

If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have the App Store. So you don't have the world's largest selection of apps.

Well no, but you have the Android Market, which is growing at a much faster rate than Apple's and that analysts predict will catch up to the App Store in the number of apps within the next several months. You will also soon get the additional choice of the Amazon App Store, which will offer competitive pricing and - something Apple avoids like the plague - options. Uh, yeah, good one there, Apple.

The video then continues:

... [apps] that are this easy to find and this easy to download right to your phone.

Is it easier to search for apps on an iPhone than on an Android phone? They both involve entering some words into a little search bar. Are App Store apps easier to download than the Market's? Both merely ask you to push a button or two, wait a few seconds, and let it download. What's more complicated about Android's? Nothing.

... so [your iPhone] can be almost anything, like a boarding pass...

Hey guys, Android phones do that too.

... or do almost anything - like pay for your coffee.

Another check for Android.

A second ad focuses on reading, bragging:

If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have iBooks.

No, but you have Kindle, Nook, Google Books, and a plethora of other third-party readers.

... so you don't have your favorite books in your pocket.

Uh, yes I do.

... and you don't have the iBookstore - an entire bookstore in your pocket.

Maybe not, but I have an entirely bigger bookstore in Amazon's Kindle store, in addition to having the B&N Nook Store, Google Books' store and pretty much any other online e-retailer I want to visit (because, you know, unlike on iOS, you can actually download files through the Android web browser).

The third spot zeroes in on music, claiming:

If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPod in your phone.

While it may not be "an iPod," my Android phone plays mp3s just as well, thank you very much.

... with your music, and your playlists

(yes, the word "your" is accentuated by the voice-over actor reading the commercial).

So what, do Android phones force you to listen to someone else's music? Do they not allow playlists? Wrong on both accounts, Apple.

... and you don't have iTunes on your phone - the world's number one music store.

No, but I have Amazon MP3, which gives me everything the iTunes Store does (minus The Beatles, which I already have), only it doesn't have DRM and it often gives lower prices.

The ads are concluded, in quite predictable Apple fashion, with the profound declaration:

Yep. If you don't have an iPhone... you don't have an iPhone.

Now that part, Apple, you nailed right on the head. I certainly do not have an iPhone... I have a much better phone.




jobs liar

Source: YouTube [1] [2] [3] via PhoneArena

Will Shanklin
Will's typical, run-of-the-mill story is that of 'classically-trained actor turned Android smartphone and tablet writer.' If you catch him quoting Shakespeare, it's not because he misses it, but because he desperately wants his Masters in drama to count towards something.

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  • steve

    I've bought Beatles content off Amazon MP3 before... individual songs though.

  • Tony

    While I agree with most your points(minus amazon being better then iTunes, least from a UI perspective), the commercial never says "and Android can't do this". So the implication that they're lying to you isn't quite right. Personally I sit inbetween iOS and Android and own both, they both have alot to like so it's really hard to choose one over the other.

    • Phil

      The commercials imply that if you don't have the iPhone you can't do or don't have various things. That in turn implies that you can't do them on Android or any other device. The point being made here is that it ends up being misleading. As pointed out you can very well have a bookstore in your pocket without an iPhone.

    • Cliff

      Indeed it is true that the commercial never explicitly mentions that Android can’t do the equivalent functions, it can still be considered a lie to present the information in the manner they have. Many times, especially with politicians, a lie is never explicitly told, yet it is the implication of even true facts that are purposefully misleading. In this case, this commercial is using the lie of ‘dissembling,’ and probably some ‘careful speaking.’ Much of what the commercial says is true:

      “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have iBookstore” – True, because iBookstore is proprietary software for the iPhone.

      “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPod on your phone” – also true because iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

      This list could go on, but the point is that while these statements may be true, it is the impression given that is the lie. With their careful wording, an uninformed viewer will be left with the impression that only the iPhone can perform the tasks listed, when that is completely untrue. Android comes into the mix because it is one of the competitors that can, in fact, do all the functions listed that the iPhone can. I’m not really appalled by this or anything because this is just propaganda at its finest, and typical of any commercial organization, however this is still technically lying. Just some food for thought.

      • Steve

        Technically lying? I would have to disagree. What is technically lying? Can you be technically pregnant? You either are or you aren't. A fact is a fact. This is just good spin/marketing.

        • Jon Garrett

          lol @ technically pregnant :)

        • Cliff

          tech•ni•cal [tek-ni-kuh l]

          9. So considered from a point of view in accordance with astringent interpretation of the rules

          According to this definition from dictionary.com, yes, you can be technically lying. The reason I said it was technically lying is because it can be said that, based on a strict interpretation of the rules, what was done qualifies as lying. Based on this definition, you can also, by your analogy, be technically pregnant too. Based on what is defined as pregnant, if you meet the criteria (rules) of being pregnant, you are, by definition, ‘technically’ pregnant.

        • Nunya

          According to your dictionary.com definition, no they are not lying, because according to a stringent interpretation what they said about having iBooks and iPod and such is true. It's the implications that you've read into it which are not. The words may be crafted to provoke you into reading those implications into it, but such reading still remains a choice on your part.

  • http://mindmirror007.blogspot.com alchemist007

    I am an Android fan, but to be honest, none of the music buying or listening offerings are comparable to iTunes! Its just the fact we have to deal with until Google does something about it sooner than later! But the rest is pure arrogance from Cupertino!

    Don't you think, in a way, Apple wanted this to happen by intimidating Android fans with the new ads so it can get more free publicity?

    • SiliconAddict

      Yah your right...they are better. I'll never use iCrap anything ever again.

  • eikie

    Allthough apple does make some descent hardware, it makes me sick how they try to downplay the others. During the antennagate affair, during the last ipad2 event and, be it less open, in this ad. Why don't they just fovus on the strong points instead of pointing fingers to others... (almost seems they think they are not good enough)

  • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

    Android can NOT play MP3s as well as the iPhone, sadly.

    Until Android gets gapless playback (and none of the four apps that claim to do it actually do yet), it's useless to a lot of people (I realise not everyone, but a lot of people) as a music player. Every time there's a glitch between joined together tracks on an album I'd be more likely to smash my phone than continue listening.

    Agree with the rest, on the whole, though. And I would love for Android to gain gapless playback and save people from having to use iTunes, which is the other platform's dealbreaker. Right now I still use an iPod Classic, which I've not updated in over a year because I can't bring myself to deal with iTunes any longer.

    • Sxeptomaiac

      Music is pretty far down the list of things I use my Droid for. I could care less about "gapless playback". Choosing a smartphone based on a fluff feature like that is on par with overpaying for media cables, IMO.

      There are a number of other things I'd put way ahead on my list of things I'd like to see implemented.

      • Hirudin

        When reading the internet it's important to understand that some people have opinions that differ from yours. Denigrating another person's preferences is not helpful.

        Gapless playback is important for people who listen to certain genres of music. Techno comes to mind but I imagine classical would also benefit. Albums like Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon also have consecutive songs that do not have breaks between them. A music player that is not capable of playing the music as it was produced is indeed annoying.

        Imagine a music player that would randomly "skip" from time to time. Would you consider getting rid of this annoyance a priority? What's the difference between a skip/gap in the middle of a song and a skip/gap between two -tracks- that run into each-other?

        Although I don't listen to music in a manor that benefits from gapless playback it does annoy me that the music players on Android are so far behind the competition (PC music players, iPods, hardware music players (particularly those made by Cowon), etc.).

        The "fluff feature" that I would like to see in more players is song rating support. Meridian (the pay version) is the only one I've found that does it without needing proprietary software. Of course: the ability to rate songs is another feature available on iPhones, probably since the first one was released back in 2007. I know "catching up" takes time, but, seriously, that was nearly four years ago - it's a crying shame that our dual-core powerhouses cannot even match (much less *surpass*) the capabilities of hardware players released ~6 years ago and software players released ~12 years ago in terms of playing music.

        • Tim

          You're an idiot. Want to know why it takes longer for an OPEN SOURCE system to catch to a PROPRIETARY system. Android has to be able to support multiple hardware platforms, while Apple only has to design its iOS for its own hardware. So shut up and stop complaining about things you don't understand.

  • Xcom923

    I want to add something else. If you don't have an iphone you still can use itunes. Doubletwist allows you to use itunes with android, so you don't even have to compromise even if you believe itunes is the best mp3 store.

  • SiliconAddict

    So its Mac vs. PC vs 2.0 just with a different set of lies and a different competitor. I swear to god as my witness if I ever met Jobs I would break his nose on the spot. Jail or not, I want to go down at the guy who broke Steve's nose.

    • Tx/Rx

      Don't worry, he won't even have a nose for much longer.

    • GetALife

      Seriously? This is funny. In your Mac vs. PC analogy you've got it backwards. Microsoft/IBM was the 8,000 lb gorilla (the iPhone) and Apple/Mac was the outsider (Android) trying to catch up (according to market-share). People are FAR to religious about their technology gadgets. Is there anything wrong with having choices and/or some people preferring an iPhone over a Droid or a Droid over an iPhone. You people act like it's Catholics vs. Muslims or something.

      • Mesmorino

        Actually, the majority of users don't care about what product they use as long as it meets their needs. It's the COMPANIES that make it seem like a do or die affair, like this very article points out.

      • Hank

        Actually, that'd be Catholics vs. Protestants, or Christians vs. Muslims...

  • Music

    Anybody use the new Songbird? How is this for continuous playback, playlists, etc?

  • http://www.tccinsights.com Caitlin Zulewski

    While most of your points are valid - the Android can do most of those things, and probably does some of them better - that's not really the point. The point is the average consumer isn't as well versed as you when it comes to these devices, so many people likely won't do the extra research to see if they can get those features from a Droid.

    Bottom line is even if it's misleading, it's very smart messaging from a company who is brilliant when it comes to its brand.

    • Phil

      And its also very smart marketing for an Android themed blog to point out to the general public that these things are misleading. ;-)

  • David Ruddock

    The Apple App Store still has a huge leg up on the Android Market. It has better content filtering, better search capabilities, and is much "cleaner" in terms of spam apps. And you can actually browse it without having to do tons of sifting through trash apps.

    The Android Market is a mess, looking at the "Just In" list is like going to the red light district of mobile software, and frankly, it gets annoying. I cannot remember the last time I "browsed" for an app on the Market - I either get a name based on someone's suggestion or from something like our awesome weekly roundup, and go directly via QR code or an exact search. Also, ever notice how exact searches don't always make the obvious result the first one? Yeah, kings of query my ass, Google's search implementation on the Market is just plain bad.

    I also agree with a previous commenter that iTunes + iPod/iPhone is a far better solution than SD card MP3 storage on Android, which makes for absurdly messy directories and has terrible playlist support. Google's stock music player is so abysmal that 3rd party music players are an absolute necessity on Android. Which is fine, I guess - viva la competition.

    That said, Android offers more cloud/streaming music options than iOS, and I <3 Subsonic. Hopefully Google Music's cloud sync will be even more awesome once it's officially released. Combined with a Google Music store, the iTunes advantage could soon disappear.

    Also, Apple's iBookstore is a joke - I agree with you there. Who the hell wants a smaller, more expensive collection of eBooks when Amazon Kindle and Google Books offer competitive pricing and a massive selection? Not to mention compatibility with way more devices.

    Android is by no means superior to iOS in every way - now's definitely not the time to be getting complacent.

    • bbman335

      If you are still copying MP3's to a SD card, you are doing it wrong. There are plenty of apps out there can will sync your Android through iTunes or other software, many of them will even do it via wifi.
      This entire chain of comments really shows that even Android users don't know everything their phone can do, why would the average consumer...which is the point of this article, not fanboyism...

      • David Ruddock

        Well, then you clearly didn't read my entire comment. Maybe give that a try.

    • Hirudin

      You're absolutely right about the Market... how is it possible that I can search for the exact name of an app and have it 5th on the list after apps with different names? That's just absurd, 'specially from Google... you know, the "search engine people" (as you mentioned).

      Red light district... LOL. Well put!

      Have you tried to alternative Market apps? I'm not sure how many are out there, but a couple I have tried are "App Brain" (possibly "AppBrain") and "Chomp". Chomp's browsing ability is greatly improved over the normal Market app.

  • faroscin

    I'm a happy owner of a Galaxy S and for a million reasons I wouldn't want an Iphone, but you should stop with the apple bashing, you sound like a silly fanboy.

  • AndroidUK

    As an owner of both Android and Apple devices, I do find it strange that the Apple store does not give any idea of the number of times an app has been downloaded. Sure, they have comments and a star rating but that gives no idea really about overall popularity. The Android market does give a idea in broad terms of the number of downloads. I really find the biased opinions/reviews of both Apple and Android fans most irritating. The best non partisan review I have seen comparing the iPad2 with the Xoom was at mobiletech - just the facts not the bias.

  • guy

    excellent article and im socked at the many retards posting comments.

    Apple is a piece of crap and android is CLEARLY better

  • Alberto Delgado

    every one of my friends that doesnt have an iphone wants my iphone 4.. apple is correct in every aspect, YOU and everyone else who agrees just has iphone envy. andriod cannot beat Apple's ecosystem. my house is i-everything. and i wouldnt have it any other way. if my friends choose an andriod (shit phone) cannot wait for their contract to be over so they can get the new iphone, WHY? umm maybe because andriod is too complex and VERY VERY VERY FRAGMENTED.

    • Alan

      Complex??? Are u retarded?

    • http://www.droid-den.com Le3ky

      "apple is correct in every aspect"

      lol, they are perfect? Is that what you are saying.

      You are a merchants wet dream my friend.

    • Phil

      Oh...is that the reason more people are buying Android devices than iPhone by a large margin?

      • Joe

        Just would like to say that Android sales are very close with iOS sales. Which is somewhat sad for Android... Android is on hundreds of devices across all the major cellular carriers. iOS runs on three devices (four if you count the Apple TV's version) and ran on only one network up until a few months ago. So.. the fact that Android is on many handsets on every carrier and is being sold in many cases for free with a two year contract, means that it should outsell iOS exponentially. But it doesn't.. They are still very close even though iOS runs on only ONE phone on two carriers.

        • Marc

          Try to think outside your borders (or walled garden as it were) just for a minute and you will see the point that Phil is trying to make.

        • Joe

          What point is Phil trying to make? He said Android outsells iOS. I said Yes it does, but it does so because it's on multiple phones on multiple carriers and is given away for free in many instances. Where as iOS is on one phone on two carriers and has a somewhat high price. And there is still some debate as to whether Android truly outsells iOS but I'll go ahead and give it to you.

      • Joe

        And Phil I'm not sure what the reason behind that is because according to The Nielsen ratings report twice as many Android-phone owners want to switch operating systems than do iPhone owners (14 per cent versus 7 per cent). Here's the link for you, it also shows the actual sales numbers..looks like Android might not be outselling iOS after all......http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/06/08/smarphone_survey_wars/

    • Cliff

      You should be mindful of the blanket statements that you make, because most of the time, statements of that nature are wrong. Speaking only for myself, I most definitely do not have iPhone envy. In fact, I’ll tell you a little story: I use to own an iPhone (3g in fact) for about a year. When the iPhone 3g came out, I just had to have it, because I thought it was the best, and it was (better than any other phone I had ever owned). That was until my wife (then girlfriend) told me about this cool new phone coming out called the Nexus One. I did research, LOTS OF RESEARCH (I’m just that kind of guy), and concluded that the Nexus One was superior to my iPhone 3g in both hardware and software, so I sold my iPhone for $250 and used the money to buy my Nexus One, which I still use to this day. Now, I’ve used both, done my research, and I will drop an inferior product like a bad habit, which is why I’m an Android user. Also, my brother use to own an iPhone 3gs, he bought a Galaxy S from a guy because he intended to resell it. Well, I told him to give the phone a try to see if he liked it. A few weeks later, he sold his iPhone, and now refuses to go back. Now I just have to get his wife to dump her iPhone hehe.

      • http://www.onlineforexking.com John Cotton

        You need to get a Nexus S ;)

    • Duffin

      Hah! People might listen to your troll comment if you could spell properly, had actually knowledge of grammar and punctuation, and weren't just spouting common talking points against Android instead of an intelligent discussion on the merits of the iPhone. Oh, wait...you gave NO merits to the iPhone over Android, just that it's "complex and fragmented." If those two things alone turn you away from Android, then you aren't the type of person it was meant for. Hell, if my mother (who constantly needs me to explain the difference between a file and a folder in Windows) can figure out how to use an Android phone, you and your friends must be really low on the IQ scale.

    • Peter

      "too complex"
      the anthem of every mac/iphone user I've ever met when trying to deal with something that isn't locked down by apple into laughably basic functionality.

  • http://www.droid-den.com Le3ky

    Thank you for this.

    Apple steeps down to a lower level.

  • Phil

    Glad people are noticing this. I saw the iBooks ad last night and it let me know that Apple knows they are in trouble. We can talk all day about the market search not being the best or the music player not being up to par but when you look at the activation stats that hasn't stopped Android from clobbering the iPhone. Just bring brutally honest but the average person doesn't care to do more with a music player than press play and stop and they don't go searching the market all day like some of us. They basically find apps their friends have or that they read or hear about. I do think Google should improve but I just don't think those two spots are at the tops of consumers minds.

    Apple knows this is getting ugly for them so expect more deceptive marketing to try to paint the iPhone as the only device that can do anything.

  • Joe

    First of all, this article sounds like a two year old wrote it. Like really.. Grow up.. There should be a video of two little girls fighting to the song "anything you can do I can do better".

    Secondly, Apple simply made an advertisement where they didn't "lie" about a single thing. The commercial says if you don't have an iPhone then you don't have the App Store. That is a fact. You may have a store that sells Apps, but you don't have the App Store. Then they said that having the App Store allows the iPhone to do many things, like use it as a boarding pass, or buy coffee. They didn't say that no other phone could do that, they just said that the App Store allows the iPhone to do it too. Then they said if you don't have an iPhone then you don't have the iBooks Store. That also is a fact. You might have a store that sells books (which by the way the iPhone has all of those third party book stores you mentioned as well) but you don't have the iBook Store. Lastly, the commercial said if you don't have an iPhone then you don't have an iPod and you don't have the iTunes Store. Surprise, this also is not a lie. You might have an MP3 player but it's not an iPod, and you might have a store that sells music, but it's not the iTunes Store.

    Thirdly, I love how you try and defend Android even though the iPhones features mentioned in the ad are much more robust. You even say so yourself. The App Store is much, much, much better then the Android Store. iOS has more Apps, and doesn't suffer from the fragmentation that Android does. iTunes is the largest music store in the world that caters music, movies, TV shows and Podcasts to the iPod. Android has Amazon...haha. And the iPod itself is the most successful portable music player.. What's Androids music player..?.. So if you take the best App store, best music store and best music player in the world and add them all together you get the best phone in the world. Which according to J.D power and associates, it is the best phone in the world.. For the 5th consecutive year.

    So, please show me where Apple and Steve Jobs lied? All I see is Apple making an advertisement that shows off the innovation they invented in the first place. They are showing people that they should buy an iPhone instead of a copy (Android). So... I think Apple wins in the "anything you can do, I can do better" fight. Cause, yeah, Apple does better.

    • Phil

      I haven't watched the others but I think its quite obvious that for instance lacking an iPhone doesn't mean you don't have a bookstore in your pocket or your favorite books in your pocket.

      And according to Consumer Reports the iPhone is....well nothing....they won't even recommend it anymore. Now sit down troll.

      • Joe

        First of all I didn't mention Consumer Reports, I said J.D Power and Associates. But a quick jump over to Consumer Reports website shows the iPhone 4 right there on the homepage. How funny, cause you just said that "according to Consumer Reports the iPhone is….well nothing….they won’t even recommend it anymore" but yet it's right there with a very high recommendation. You must have just been mistaken right? Its ok. Just go sit down for me until you can get your facts straight alright.

      • Jose Galdamez

        Actually, Consumer Reports originally praised the iPhone with its highest ratings. Wall Street Journal pointed out that the site's paid evaluation rated the display, navigation, web browsing, multimedia and battery life of iPhone 4 as "excellent," gave its phoning and messaging a "very good" ranking, and described voice quality as "good."

        You're being *misleading* by saying CR considers it to be nothing. You're also being misleading by suggesting that CR is worth the time of day.

        Earlier this year at Mobile World Congress the iPhone 4 took the top award for a mobile device, yet you do not mention this.

        I think you're the one that needs to sit down.

        • Joe

          Well said! Thank you!

    • http://apollokidz.com ObjectiveOne

      I agree with Joe, while Android can do many of the same things the iphone can do the mp3 player side of things is seriously lacking.
      Also can we have android websites that don't have to bash or criticize apple and actually just print positive stories about Android. I visit both android and apple fansites and blogs.
      It is much more common to see an Apple/Steve Jobs bashing post on an Android blog, not that the opposite doesn't occur but it is much less. Is it possible to focus on the positives in the Android platform instead of bashing someone else's platform???

      • Joe

        Well said. I like many of the things that Android. There are key things iOS is better at then Android and there are things Android does better then iOS. But, to comment simply on this post, I believe that Apple is correct in saying the iBooks Store, App Store and iTunes Store/iPod are some key things that they do better then Android. Just a little thing Steve Jobs said a long time ago "People need to forget the idea that for Apple to win, Microsoft has to lose". That's why you don't see to many Android bashers on Apple blog sites. Apple doesn't think Android needs to lose for them to win. Apple does what Apple does best. If Android wants to keep succeeding then they need to focus on their own software and not on Apples.

        • Joe

          Correction "I like many of the things Android does".

    • Kayno

      I think we have a winner! JOE *Standing ovation* I'm sad that the author even wrote this article.. It shows a lack of common sense. Thanks.

  • Asphyx

    … with your music, and your playlists

    Well not really mine...Afterall if it were mine I could easily move it to another device with no DRM restrictions. I can't really call owning something that I can't move where I want MINE now can I?

    What they should add to the add though is this...

    If you don't have an iPhone then you are not supporting the Great Big Brother of the world Steve Jobs who wishes to control everything you can do via his iTunes slave software.

    • Joe

      Apple dropped the DRM restrictions on music two years ago.

      Furthermore, why does everyone hate iProducts just because they are Apple. Just because you like Android doesn't mean you have to hate Apple. iTunes works and it connects all the iDevices Apple makes. It is an eco-system of products connected with a software. It's a genius system, that works very, very well. But, just because it has an Apple logo on it, it automatically becomes "Steve Jobs slave software". So hypocritical.

      • Duffin

        I don't hate them because they're Apple products. I've owned two generations of iPod Touch, but won't buy another one after this. I don't want them because for iPods and iPhones, the environment is closed and restrictive. I only ever used the iPod for podcasts and music. I don't like being told what I can and can't do on a product I've bought. As for iOS, I dislike the simplistic nature. Again, I like Windows because it allows me to do a lot more than iOS does. Can I completely screw up my system if I do something wrong? Sure, but that's my right to do it since I paid money for it.

        And, as for iTunes working perfectly? I disagree. iTunes is constantly losing podcasts I was subscribed to and will often only download a few new podcasts. I always have to hit refresh and manually tell it to download podcasts despite having iTunes set to just grab everything automatically. Also, once I plug the iPod in, oftentimes even though there are new podcasts, it just won't put them on until I press Apply a second time. So, no, it's not perfect.

        • Joe

          Fair enough. However, it is Apples prerogative to run their company as they wish and make their products as they wish. You can't bash them just because you don't like what they do. It's their opinion of doing business. I'm not bashing Android here at all, like ObjectiveOne said, you rarely see an Apple blog bash Android. We just don't see the need to. Android is a company and Apple is a company, they both have totally different ways or running things and they have totally different customer bases.

        • Duffin

          Well, nothing I said was "bashing" them, first of all. I simply stated my opinion and my reasons for disliking their company. I am fully within my right to say what I dislike about them. And you've got to be kidding that "you" don't feel the need to bash Android. Maybe the blogs don't (I don't know, I don't read Apple blogs), but certainly tons of Apple fans do. Don't act all high-and-mighty like Apple fans don't ever say disparaging things about Android. Android fans do the same thing to Apple. I'm not saying they don't, but there's no way "you" don't feel the need to. Secondly, I don't believe this blog was bashing Apple anyway. Their commercial is blatantly false. Nothing they said in that commercial was completely true unless you take them at their play on words by saying no one else has "the App Store." Well, okay, that's true, but Android, Blackberry, and Palm all have markets where you can buy apps.

        • Joe

          You referred to them as the Great Big Brother. Seems a little like bashing instead of constructive criticism.

          And, the commercial is not blatantly false at all. Apple said "If you don't have an iPhone, then you don't have the App Store." That is true. Just because you perceive it as a lie doesn't mean that it is. That means that no TV company can advertise for TV's that have 3D technology because they aren't the only ones that have it. That's just stupid, it's advertising, and Apple is mighty good at it. They didn't lie in the ad, period.

      • Duffin

        Actually, you have me mistaken for the original poster. I never called them that. But, I will concede that, no, they didn't lie outright, but they did use every misleading tactic in the book. And, no, that's not marketing. That's misrepresenting yourself. If you want to believe they didn't intend that, fine, but I disagree.

        • Joe

          It's not misleading! It's just a commercial! Good God, they showed what their phone can do! That is it! If Android wants to make an ad like this then by all means go ahead. As I recall they had that holiday ad that ran last year where they had the iPhone in the pile of toys that didn't "fit in". Yeah that's what misleading is right there, taking a phone that invented the core of your phone (android) and slamming it. Without the iPhone, we aren't even having this discussion. Before it came around phones were these hideous bricks with plastic buttons and low quality displays. Now look at them. Case and point.

  • JCopernicus

    Are you guys really submitting a rebuttal to an advertisement?

  • http://www.onlineforexking.com John Cotton

    Well, I am a huge Android fan, and I would agree except for the fact that Android doesn't cut it on the music front. I live in Spain and can't buy off Amazon mp3 here...as often, good American companies seem to have forgotten that anywhere exists outside of The States. Come on Google! Get your act together on the music side of things, pleaaaaase...

  • Yobee

    I don't buy or use jobsPhones, jobsPads or any other kind of jobsJunk for the simple reason that I don't purchase or use overpriced, overhyped, overwrought crap that jobsJobs exerts personal control over. EOS.

    Interesting to note, however, how a simple jobsJobs commercial can set Android users to each others throats.

  • http://apollokidz.com ObjectiveOne

    Steve Jobs is not apple. Android is not Larry Sergei or Schmidt.
    A CEO is not a product or consumer device, nor do they actually work on these devices. They control the direction of a company with the help from the board.
    Anyway staying positive and optimistic, I believe android has reached maturity and is truly competing and surpassing ios in someways. I want now for manufacturers to step their game up and make products that physically compete with Apple products in terms of hardware design(like the SE Arc) and have up to date hardware.

    • http://apollokidz.com ObjectiveOne

      and by up to date hardware I don't be last years internals ala the SE Xperia Arch.
      I want something like the Galaxy S 2 in an all aluminum body or in the Arcs body.

  • Snail


    I dont need anything else

  • Mike

    I agree that companies all spin their claims in advertising and it's getting out of hand but you're doing the same thing.

    "Maybe not, but I have an entirely bigger bookstore in Amazon’s Kindle store, in addition to having the B&N Nook Store, Google Books’ store and pretty much any other online e-retailer I want to visit (because, you know, unlike on iOS, you can actually download files through the Android web browser)."

    I have a kindle app, BN app, Google books app...all free...and they let me buy books right of the web.

    Glass houses, buddy.

  • Mike Lothian

    I wonder if they'll try showing those adverts in the UK where we have quite strict advertising regulations

    You can't be deliberately misleading in them for one

    There have been quite a few famous adverts been banned for braking these regulations

  • Zero

    If you dont have an Iphone you are doing great. I have an OG Droid yet.

    • Nunya

      No one has an Iphone. However, many people do have iPhones...

  • Steve

    It doesn't say if you don't have an iPhone you can't do this. It just says you don't have an iPhone.

    Nothing too see here. Stop whining and make a good product and you'll be fine.

  • kodiak211

    Google should invest in making a commercial on what the Android OS can do. theres all these commercial on Android phones but mostly to sale that phone and not the OS its self.

    • Jon Garrett

      but not just make a commercial, make one just like the one Apple made and mention all of the info in this article.

      • FX111

        I would rather see them just highlight what it can do, rather then just repeat the "I'm a pc vs. I'm a mac" commercials that were crammed down our throats not to long ago.

        Android is good enough to stand on it's own, the only thing it's missing is it's own "I'm a mac" slogan. Have them come up with one that isn't a blatant rip of another and market it.

  • Maff

    Someone needs to make an Android version of this, it can't be too hard to do
    infact I might do one myself, I have all the equipment, just need the wife out of the house for a couple of hours

    I have airsync with doubletwist, I just walk into my house and my music, playlists, videos and photos sync between my PC and my phone without wires
    do that on your iPhone!

  • milk

    kind of preaching to the choir aren't you?

  • noiphone

    if you don't have an iphone
    - you don't have to pay for tethering
    - you don't have to bother that you can't freely copy data and media files to your device and vice versa via bluetooth or USB
    - you don't have to pay for apps you wouldn't need if your browser would support flash
    - you don't have to figure out how to extract mp3s from your itunes library to share them with friends because apple software restricts you
    - you don't have to worry that you can't extend your memory with sd-cards or that you can't connect an usb-harddrive
    - you have never experienced that Apple forces you to install all your software through their system and that they could even remove software from your device and of course collect all your private and geo-data
    - you don't have to bother how to jailbreak/root your device because its only necessary on WP7, iOS and Android but not on free operating systems such as Symbian, MeeGo and Maemo

    Mh. Well. If you don't have an iphone, you're lucky.

    • Mesmorino

      I have a desire hd and I don't have to pay for tethering

  • Martin

    I still can't see anything false?
    If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone: true!
    If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have the AppStore: true, Apple is claiming rights on the name.
    The AppStore has the largest selection of Apps: true, the fact that it might be false in the future is irrelevent.
    All the rest is just a list of task you can really do with an iPhone!!? Nowhere it is said that you cannot do the same with Android.
    Are you expecting Apple to advertise that you can do the same with a competing product? Do you know anything about marketing?

  • Martin

    Here's more falsities

  • David

    OMFG! THANK YOU!!!! I was just commenting on this today with some friends that have Iphones. At least one of them bought the Iphone to jailbreak it and use the hardware for more than just a mega duche. These Iphone wankers really need to get a life.

  • Duffin

    Then you need to get your ears checked.

  • wow

    you really must have no life if all you do is pick apart apple's new ad campaign. i'm sorry but that's just hilarious. apple has always been the innovators, and i agree, the new ad's kinda do suck. but that doesn't mea you go cocking about just because it's made by apple. i mean really, get a life.

  • sexseasong

    you people are all lame......