Costco - Motorola XOOM Multi-Touch HD 10.1- Screen Android 3.0 Honeycomb Bonus- Gel Case

Now that we know that the Wi-Fi-only model of the Motorola XOOM is just around the corner (launching March 27 to be exact) perhaps you are looking for the best deal on the tablet. Costco's website may be the place to look, as they are offering not only a $10 discount (from the listed $600 price tag) but they are also throwing in a free gel case and shipping it to you for free. Yes, all of that can be yours for a mere $589.99 and they are taking pre-orders now. The units won't be shipping until April 1 though, which is five days after the tablet is released everywhere else. In addition, amazon.com is now taking pre-orders on the same model. Their price is the standard $599.99 and you don't get a case, but you not only get free shipping, but there will also be no tax for most buyers - meaning the price that you see is the actual price you will pay.

for the Costco deal, you don't need to be a Costco member to order, though a 5% surcharge will be added for non-members, basically cancelling out the discount. There is no official word yet on availability and pricing of the carrier-free XOOM in Costco's stores (and their website's stock is often very different from their stores') but, as the Verizon model is currently in Costco stores at a similar $10 discount, we are betting the Wi-Fi XOOM will be there as well.

Costco - Motorola XOOM Multi-Touch HD 10.1- Screen Android 3.0 Honeycomb Bonus- Gel Case

Costco shopping cart

Source: Costco via BGR and Amazon via Droid Life

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  • http://trueacu.com acupunc

    FYI. . .
    Costo extends the warranty to two years for such devices.

    From the Costo Motorola Xoom's page:

    "For COMPUTERS, TELEVISIONS and PROJECTORS, Costco extends the MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY to two years from date of purchase. Please call Costco Concierge™ Technical Support @ 1-866-861-0450 for warranty assistance."

    So it's a pretty good deal when you factor in the addition of the extra warranty. Purchase it with your AX and the warranty should be doubled.

  • Joe

    Want a 3G/4G XOOM for $599 + Free Gel Case + All the accessories you want for 25% off?!?!.....oh wait, that was so last month. Sorry Costco, my deal was better...way better ;)

  • Tyler

    I saw Costco's inventory page on this yesterday. They had no availability date but it did say "DO NOT SELL B4 MARCH 27". They had no indication of a case bundled with it, and price was 589.99 (same as website). In store item number 566488

  • Dave

    Ummm .. just because Amazon doesn't collect sales tax, doesn't mean it's tax free. It's called "use tax", people.