8-9 tab estimated

Samsung is doing all they can to release just enough information about the upcoming 8.9" Galaxy Tab to create some buzz ahead of its announcement next week at CTIA. After several promo images surfaced on their Facebook page, they have now released a short video.

As you can see below, the video consists mostly of people (I'm guessing Samsung employees), in micro-edited sound bites, talking about how great something is. Then for the last few seconds you get some nano-edited images flashed across the screen of the upcoming mid-sized slate:

After the last Facebook teaser, an overachieving tipster analyzed the image and estimated the measurements based on the headphone jack. It turns out that guess was off, as it appears that half of the "thickness" of the tab was actually a poorly-Photoshopped reflection. After this new video, however, the same tipster did his homework again and took a screenshot of the slate. This time he has estimated the tab to have an overall thickness of 7.8mm. We advise you to consider this estimate to be for entertainment purposes only, as this is unconfirmed and hardly a scientific study of the image. However, if the below estimates are accurate this would make the 8.9" Tab the thinnest slate on the block (the iPad 2 comes in at a svelte 8.6mm).

8-9 tab estimated

While the upcoming slate has not been officially announced, Samsung's use of the numbers "78910" in their promotional materials for an upcoming tablet have been interpreted as meaning that it will be the 8.9" offering. As they have already released a 7" Galaxy Tab, and we know that a 10.1" tab is forthcoming, that leaves 8 and 9.

Does this change your tablet-buying plans at all? Would a 7.8mm thick Tab take priority over a larger XOOM? ... or will it all come down to price? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks again, Charlie J!

Source: YouTube via Netbook News

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  • Steve

    Not to nitpick, but the size of the tab hasn't been deduced, it's been inferred. Deduction is when the conclusion must be true if the premises, the evidence, is true. In this case, Samsung could've used 78910 for a variety of reasons unrelated to offering an 8.9" inch tablet. Thus, it's quite possible that the evidence is true and the conclusion still isn't.

    • Will Shanklin

      haha yeah good point. I went with "interpreted" this time. :)

  • Eric

    Please, no touchwiz! This tab looks like it might be my perfect tablet, if it's stock that is.

  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    Hard to say without seeing it, but it looks good so far. I'd like to know how much it weighs.

  • Jon Garrett

    Im not obsessing over size and I would choose functionality over thinness any day.

  • Levitate

    Is the lady ment to be holding one in the video? It looks quite thick there... and it's white...

    • Hans

      That's the original 7" Tab